Friday, December 23, 2011

tentative new years resolutions

I love new years resolutions. I take them very seriously, and form many drafts. This is a (very) rough draft.

1) Finish a sewing project (or several). Maybe my mom can have a new years resolution to not resent me when I come over for the tenth time asking her to help me sew in a zipper.

2) Get back to school. Finish my degree in Elementary Education. Must. do. This. Why have 70% of a degree? I think things are pointless and then years later I think... WHY DID I NOT FINISH THAT!! Like personal progress. Yes, I confess. I never finished. I was so close, but out of some form of pointless rebellion I refused to do it. Stupid.

3) Run run run.... do many 5k races? Aim for a half marathon? I used to be into the idea of a whole marathon... but then I read of toe nails falling off and blood spurting out of unexpected places and it was a huge turnoff.

4) Read at least 5 new books. I am constantly searching but I haven't found a book that pulls me in for a while so I have been reverting to old favorites like The Painted Veil and Jane Eyre.

5) Get out of my comfort zone and make new friends.

6) Strive to be more kind, thoughtful & patient

7) Have an organized closet!! I told Elliott I want THE most organized closet and mainly it just attested to the fact that I am a lady of extremes.

8) Fill that closet with adorable things.... ( is that a goal or a wish?)

9) Go to the temple more often! And drag the hubs along. This should be numero uno.

10) Blog more.