Wednesday, August 31, 2011

duck a l'orange

Today I was visiting teaching, and one of the ladies asked what I was making for dinner... my response, " .... Umm duck" Duck a l'orange to be exact. I don't know if it sounds fancy shmancy or just really backwoods so I always try to avoid the topic when possible. But yes, the fact is, Husband Man raised some ducks, and then shipped them off to be cleaned and whatever else they do to prepare a duck for ovenhood, and now they are in the freezer. And sometimes I cook them with orange sauce.

On a completely unrelated note, is anyone else obsessed with vacuuming? It's like the brush marks left on the ground bring me some kind of great peace. As do delicious smelling candles and freshly mopped floors. And empty laundry baskets. No, I am not OCD . I am a homemaker. And truly Elliott is the more tidy one out of the two of us. The man taught me how to make a bed to his standard of insano perfection and keeps a swiffer duster on his desk. It's the best kind of great. As is being in the shower and seeing a manly hand creep in and turn the handle to freezing cold before you have time to respond. Thanks luv. For keepin it real.


P.S I know you want my duck recipe. Serve with rice.

Monday, August 29, 2011


I picked these from our garden this morning.

Strawberries... blackberries... raspberries...YUM.

also... Husband and I are addicted to 24. IT IS SO INTENSE!!!! I never wanted to be one of those couples that eats meals in front of the TV... but we have been doing it. A lot. Oh the shame.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

sunday mornings

On Sundays I get up and make waffles before church. Waffles used to baffle me. Why would you make something with no nutritional value, and continue to slap a bunch of butter and sugary maple syrup on it and call that breakfast?
Now I understand. And love.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Sissy Chels and I went to Spokane yesterday to run some errands for my hubby. We ate lunch with my dad at the hospital where he works and he showed us around : )

And then... the AC in my car decided that it hated Chels and I. We both DESPISE being too hot. We are fall people. Summer weather is bearable if there is a beach or a boat involved. We ran the rest of our errands half alive, praying that the AC would come back on, which it did. Occasionally.

Anywhooo we booked it home. And I made chicken curry for dinner. And then I got extremely nauseas. And puked more times than I am willing to count. Hubs got home from home teaching after vomit #2 and put my hair up out of the way and was my food poisoning coach. "How many glasses of water have you drank!?" " Drink 3 more!" He is a food poisoning veteran after serving a mission in Africa. The man knows what he is doing.

Today I am laying low. Coincidentally it is date night and I am picking up a pizza instead of cooking and having cuddle and movie time with husband : )


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

our garbage disposals

I wanted to show you the piggies. My leftover munchers. My muddy buddies. And the lighting was unfortunate standing on the outside of the gate so I hopped in there to try. And they rubbed their nast snouts all over my cute little crop pants and stole my pig stick. So all I have is this crap picture of them trying to eat the stick that I brought in to pet them with. And dirty pants.

I took this after I escaped. He looked up as if to say, "I am sorry for nast snouting your pants, please don't quit feeding me cookies when you burn them!"( which is extremely rare.. and stuff...)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

farm tour

I am a housewife ( despite my efforts to find a job). I live on a farm. I am never bored. This is why!

This corn. I have spent more time in and around and tunneling through this corn then I ever imagined. I have weeded it, thinned it, and doubted that the actual corn would ever grow. But here it is.

Elliott planted me some lettuce & spinach 2 weeks ago, and I have been taking care of it. It is SO NICE to grow your own lettuce. Want a salad? Go pick one. Ta daaa easy.

Somehow when I got home, Husband's chickens became MY chickens. Every morning after my run I go and get their eggs and say hello, or from their point of view rob and startle them. The first time Elliott put an egg in my hand ehh fresh from a chicken I almost vomited, or at least pretended like I was going to for dramatic effect. Now they are better at laying and I am over the initial grossed outness. We picked a watermelon this morning that wasn't quite ripe yet. And the poultry feasted.

And Mel. I picked up Mel's replacement from the airport last week. A 10 week old little puppy, that I adore until he starts trying to eat my hands. Mel is getting old so Elliott and I took pity on her and bought her a nice dog bed and now she sleeps in our laundry room. Mel LOVES Elliott. She gets jealous when we cuddle so she always tries to sneak in and cuddle, too. Sometimes she runs a mile to catch up with Elliott on the 4-wheeler. That is devotion.

Well that's all for now.