Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2nd place

Spring Fest came and went over the memorial day weekend, which is a party for our little town complete with a parade, carnival and family fun run.  While I have been completely horrible inconsistent with running at all compared to last year, I decided to run the 5k. Also I decided that I wanted a medal.  I love medals. The best part of this fun run is that getting one is even a possibility.

                                                             me and my sis post race

I started off closer to the front with a family friend who is athletically superior to me in every way, so that I would panic and run faster as she got further and further away. Stellar plan it was! On the last half mile I literally felt like my legs were made of wood. Very uncooperative. However, due to my compulsive need for a medal I did not stop, and basically ran faster.  There were only 3 girls ahead of me at the finish- the family friend, and two high school girls. Congratulations to me, 2nd place in my age bracket, and 4th place overall for women. And feeling like I got hit by a semi the rest of the weekend. Which was so obviously worth it.

Check out that medal with it's bike chain-esque border and cardboard center. It's beautiful. My time was 24:24. Which makes my cross country has been self say,  "seriously?".  Let this be all lesson to all. You are stronger, better, and faster than you think. Probably. And if not, you can always just take up pie making.

Which solves all of your problems. I made this pecan pie. Once you find how quick it is to make it will simultaneously be the best and worst thing that ever happened to you. Use the recipe on the back of the dark karo syrup. Mmmm


Monday, May 13, 2013

part 2

Adult Do's

Make your bed. It gets your head in the right place in the morning. And getting tangled in bedsheets is stressful and unnecessary. Like that time I woke up underneath my fitted sheet. I just don't know.

Thank you notes. Adults are grateful beings. Send them often. I semi collect them and buy a new box everytime I go to TJ Max.

Lock the door when you go to the bathroom. Especially in office type settings. This is important.

Be nice to your body. Diet coke- not a snack. Banana- snack.

Adult Don'ts

Don't buy a new box of thank you notes every time you go to TJ Max. Maybe just, buy some when you are about to run out.

Don't have 27 voicemails that you have not listened to sitting in your inbox.

Don't use your laptop as a coaster.

Do not live in denial of things like court dates, the weather, and bank account balances. Confront your fears. Knowledge is power.

We're all learning, you see.


Saturday, May 11, 2013


What does it mean to be an adult? I have been pondering this question as I have been muddling through some sort of pre-mature quarter life crisis. Or very mature, depending on how you look at it. I have been reading a hilllariousss book called Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown. I was drawn to it based on the fact that I love it when people make up words, and can make me laugh while at the same time instilling me with valuable life lessons and things.  Although I feel like I am struggling through a couple of things I don't feel the need to whack a look at me sticker on (if it isn't enough that I am here blogging instead of doing homework) , here are some things that have helped me transition from spastic teenager to young adult headed somewhere good probably.

1) Realize that the more you like your choices, the less important it is for other people to like them. Just  "unapologetically like the things that you like", because "those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind". If it feels like I am stringing together large amounts of inspirational quotes without giving credit to the author, you are correct because that is what is happening.

2) Live intentionally. Make to-do lists. Have a plan. I have a vision of what I want the decor for my house to be, and I don't care if it sits bare for 3 years as long as the end result is "the vision". Sometimes on my to-do lists, I put things that I am definitely going to do anyway, like eat breakfast, so that you can check it off and feel good about yourself right off the bat. You can do it!

3) Define the "somedays" and the "i'll do it laters". This is tough. When I say to myself, "oh i will do it later", I have been making a conscious effort to schedule that later, and usually that is a bugger, so I end up just doing that thing right then.  When is your someday? When is later?

4)  Save your money. Again, something that I have not perfected. At all. Never take advice about finances from me. Take it from my hubby,  I do.  But lately I have been trying to convince myself  ( thanks to hub man) that "All you need is less". Because guess what, a dollar saved is a dollar, and a dollar earned ( after taxes & tithing) is about 60 cents. 60 Lowly cents people. Save your cents.

Again. I am no authority on maturosity or practices of highly effective individuals, even though I have read that book, too- I am just on my way to being a person who doesn't startle their coworkers by arriving to work on time.


Monday, May 6, 2013

smitten with kittens.

So here are two of my poofy loves. I was trying to get better photos of them to help them find their forever families. Little siamese, as you can see, was not thrilled.  They were however pretty enthused about the box that I carried them around in. I believe they thought it to be some kind of magic cat transporter. They kept on crawling back to sit in it as if to say, " Where to next ya big human!". Even the mom cat decided to sit in there looking at me all expectantly. "Lets go!".  Um they are adorable.  The end.