Saturday, May 31, 2014

post baby bod and fitness ramblings

I have always loved working out. I just do. I did track and cross country all through high school and thrive on endorphins and the feeling of accomplishment after doing a tough workout.  I am putting together a pinterest board of my favorite free workout videos that are REALLY doing the job. I mean, I have my abs back and Els is not yet 3 months old.

While you body may be different after baby, like hello I went up two cup sizes different, it can be just as good, if not more fit than before! I am kind of loving looking womanly.

I am still 5 ish pounds away from where I was before I got pregnant. I want to punch people in the face most when they are all about the scale and weight. MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT PEOPLE!! So those 5 pounds that I am hanging onto look a lot different this month than they did last month. While you might be gaining weight if you look at the scale, you are loosing inches and toning up. The scale is no indicator of fitness. Better indicators are your energy level, loss of inches, and the way your clothes are fitting. Plus, you aren't going to loose weight without muscle. Muscle is how you burn the fat. I love running with a passion, but I could run for miles and miles and it would not touch the effectiveness of a 20 minute session with 5 pound weights as far as toning up.

I swear forever and ever on pilates for a flat stomach. I love different types of squats with weights to round out your booty. Notice I did not say get rid of, I mean ROUND. I mean tone and lift that puppy so it looks good in your jeans.

I really like to mix things up and do different things to keep it interesting. When you are a mom, by the time you packed your gym bag, get dressed, get your kids dressed, drive to the gym, got them set up at the daycare, do your workout, get the kids back in the car, go home shower... that is an ENTIRE MORNING.  I just roll out of bed and workout in my pajamas in the basement. Our tv has youtube so it makes it super convenient, but you could easily pull up your laptop wherever.  Plus. This costs nothing.

So the moral of the story is I will be pinning workout vids with my reviews HERE, if you ever are curious and want to try them out.

plus. this.

Monday, May 19, 2014

nutella hostage situations and so forth

^^Aren't these beautiful?! ^^

- I washed an entire bottle of oxyclean in my load of Elsie clothes. It came out full and intact ( maybe this is very fortunate?)
-The next day, my husband's leather belt. It did not fare as well.
- I spilled 6 oz of pumped milk all over my made bed this morning. Do not cry over spilled milk?
-I went out to pick more peonies and I stepped on a bee! Only I was wearing shoes! How it got in between my poor toe and sandal is a tragedy and a mystery. I have not been stung by a bee since I was in kindergarten, about to leave for a field trip to green bluff. Flash bulb memory.  My mom sent me a text to "Bee more careful." Ha!

- I rescued my husbands grandpa ( age: 94 , still working in the garden)  today who took a spill  when his shoes got stuck in the mud. Do I kind of feel like a hero? Yes.
- My in laws got a new puppy. Across the street no less! Gotta love a chubby puppy.
- I found my nutella. I thought maybe it had gotten left behind at the grocery store during bagging. It was ( drum roll please) in my husband's office. We basically had a full on nutella hostage situation. It has been resolved, and the nutella is being shared between spouses. Love is sharing your nutella.
- Mishearing the same statement at church that causes you to go into convulsive silent laughter complete with tears. And then looking over to find that your sister has the same problem. We passed the same kleenex back and forth until we were able to calm the heck down. It was a process. And a bonding moment.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2 months and things

Elsie Lou is 2 months old!! 

Sometimes I see so much of my face in hers. Like the top shot- definitely my little.

She had her checkup today. Little is 12 pounds 6 oz and 23.5 inches long. My big bubs. 

Because... she has been eating like a champion. On the topic of food, she is becoming a Goodrich in 2 very pronounced ways. For one, Elsie doesn't eat every 1 hr 50 minutes, or 2 hours and 5 minutes, is is every two hours on the hour. It does not matter how deep of a sleep she is in, those big eyes will open and stare at you, and you had better feed that little girl or she will get mad! Plus the gal needs everything to be PERFECT to sleep. She needs to be swaddled and the perfect temperature and the whole bit. She has just been sleeping in a diaper and her swaddle blanket lately, she gets too hot in her pajamas these days. It has been in the 80's around here!

Besides her Goodrichisms, Els is just a big  sweetheart. Lots of smiles, lots of talking, and she likes to move move move.  She is getting pretty advanced at tummy time and can keep her head up and look at me while I show her her toys and have them give her kisses while she keeps her head up. She likes that.  My favorite thing she does lately is when I get ready to feed her, she pulls away and looks up and me and smiles and talks like we are having a real conversation and she is just so very  happy about the whole deal.  She is starting to love her carseat and loves to look out the window when we are out and about. She is getting so observant of the world and loves to study new faces. When I read her stories she is looking at the pages and pictures. 

I don't know who her shots were harder for today, me or her. She looked up at me and cried real tears, and I held mine back. I hate to see my baby sad! I had her arms swaddled and fed her right after and she calmed right down, but wanted to be held close the rest of today. Which was fine with me. I love to cuddle my girl! She vomited all over her clothes when the nurse gave her tylenol. She got to ride home in just her diaper like a ghetto baby because I didn't have a spare change of clothes for her. She loved it! We got some smiles even though her poor little legs were sore from the vaccinations. 

As sad as I am that she is growing so fast, each new stage is so fun!! 

And on an unrelated note, I made this roast chicken and these cookies today while Els snuggled me in her K'tan carrier.

I am trying to improve my foodtography for goodrichfamilyeats.. (just changed the name to match the blog, thefarmwifepost) on instagram. 

 And  photography in general. What is the point of having a hardcore camera if you have no idea what all the buttons are for ( insert sobbing emoji face). 

My inspiration for the chicken recipe was found here... I didn't have precisely what she has ( who does...ever?) so I stuffed my chicken with lemons and shallots, dumped melted butter on it and seasoned it with garlic salt and pepper within an inch of it's life, and then sprinkled it with lemon juice for good measure. I don't have a proper roasting pan, so it cooked on a bed of carrots. Who needs a proper roasting pan when you have carrot beds? Also I cooked mine at 250 for 3 hrs while I went about and did other things.  It was delicious. 

Cookie recipe found here

Els is sleeping like a champ, and I am off to join her.

xo, farmwife

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

before and after: getting the bod back

I just look at this and think.... being a woman is magical! On the left, you have me at 39 weeks pregnant. I delivered at 40 weeks 5 days. I wasn't a small preggers. Buttt, I still felt good about myself (most days, lets be real here). Carrying the baby made me feel beautiful. Not how the world sees beautiful, but it helped me appreciate my body in a whole new way. Not in terms of what it looked like, but what it could do. Looking at that picture makes me pretty sentimental.  I can't believe my Elsie Lou was in there, waiting to make me a momma, and I couldn't fathom how happy my little one could make me.  Baby girl is such a little sunshine of a person. On the right, is me today! Right after a tough workout. I may never be the 115 pound high schooler I once was, but I am doing by best to have healthy habits so I can run around and chase my kiddos and run races and do the things that I love.  I think the moral of this story is that you need to appreciate your body at every size and at every stage, and punch every high school girl who ever thinks she is fat. Kidding. If I could go back to my 17 year old self, I would put my hands on her shoulders and look her square in the face and say... " Quit beating yourself up, friend, you are lovely just the way that you are, and 6 years from now you will be married and have a beautiful baby girl who makes you so happy your heart could explode, and THAT is what matters."

The End.

Just kidding. Here are my tips for feeling great after baby:

1) Put your jeans back on as soon as you can! You body is filled with relaxin, and the same chemical that helped them stretch out can help smoosh em back together ( or something). Even though you would really like to just live in sweatpants for a year.
2) Drink tons of water! Your body wants to sweat off all the water weight. I basically woke up in a puddle the first month from it all. Serious.
3) Ease slowly into your regular routine. Don't push it too hard too soon.Go for a walk and get some sunshine. Lots of sources recommend not even worrying about working out till the 6 week mark.
4) Don't cut calories!! You are nursing. You need them.  Just eat a well balanced diet. Don't torture yourself. Have a piece of cake. Life is meant to be enjoyed!
5) Have a hobby that keeps you active. I like to work out in the garden with baby in a carrier. It gives us an excuse to work outside and keep us moving.

xo, farmwife

Monday, May 12, 2014

garden babies

A momma bird decided to make a home for her littles in our blueberry patch! It's a killdeer nest. Little ground birds.The babies are the cutest little things- just these poof balls with long toothpick legs. If it were more of a  rational thing to campout and fight off any egg predators I completely would. The mom is pretty impressive though, if you get close, she runs away from the nest and pretends to be hurt- so you would in theory eat the mom and not the eggs. That is love. Unfortunately I do not speak ground bird and can't tell the mom that I am just weeding my blueberries and have her back with nest protection. I hope these wee ones make it!

The garden is in full swing! The berries are blooming and the vegetables we started in the house are taking off. I look forward to garden grocery shopping- wheelbarrow instead of shopping cart... cucumber tomato salad with feta...presence salad with juicy fresh tomatoes and basil leaves...I told husband I would pummel him if he ate the first ripe strawberry again this year.  I put Elsie in the baby carrier and we go out and weed when we can and help Hubs in his garden masterplan vision. The man doesn't do anything halfway. Which is attractive. I feel very blessed to have a husband who helps with the garden. And by helps I mean does most of it. What a champ. 


Saturday, May 10, 2014

taste of home cooking school

I attended the Taste of Home cooking school last night! I was drawn in by a chance to meet a cooking celebrity and door prizes. .

I learned a cool trick to separate eggs with an empty water bottle. And how to tie up the legs of a chicken with it's own skin... that sounds pretty morbid. BUT SO COOL for chicken roasting!!

Also I learned that I am a traditionalist. Simplicity > creativity in the food department for me! I don't need a 30 layer potato bacon waffle to be happy. Just a regular homemade waffle and syrup type girl over here. And I failed to win the recliner, so there was obvs room for improvement ; ) I secretly crave an Oprah type expirience where everyone in the audience wins some insane prize with much happy screaming and hyperventilating.

Elsie Lou was a champion. She did not make a peep that was not an adorable coo the entire time! And I felt so brave busting out my nursing cover and feeding  my bubs in an auditorium of hundreds. There isn't a mothers room at every function to hide out in, so I am going to have to get the hang of this #nursingpride

I have been putting off going through Elsie's dresser to put away all the tinies she has outgrown. I knew it would make me sad! I picked up the little newborn pair of pajamas that she came home from the hospital in, stuffed them in my face and shed a few tears of nostalgia. And by a few I mean I cried for like ten minutes and sent husband some dramatic text about our baby growing up too fast. But really she is. Everyone says it goes by quickly, but I did not quite believe them. Tonight after her bath, I put her in some jammies fresh out of the dryer and rocked my baby and begged begged my silly human brain to remember every exact detail.-  the weight of her in my arms, the sweet smell of her baby soap and the way her fuzzy head feels against my cheek when I nuzzle her and the way my heart goes limp when she looks up at me with her giant blue eyes... please please remember everything. 


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

the conundrum

Elsie Lou is no longer my tiny smooshy newborn. Still smooshy but more of a little  infant with a lot of personality! Her big blue eyes slay me. Her daddy's eyes. His eyes still get me, too. Seeing  your husband in a fatherly light could make hearts burst all around. There is a lot of love when a family goes from 2 to 3. I thought I loved my husband when he was just mine. Now I share him with Elsie Lou, and seeing them together makes me so incredibly happy. We are a team, the three of us. It's like somebody was missing, and now she is here and our family feels a little more complete ( obvs we will keep some space open at the dinner table for some siblings for little E down the road).

Last night I left a bottle with Elsie's grandma and headed off to the birthday party of a good friend. Little E didn't take the bottle, and I had to come home early after getting a text from hubby that read "your baby needs you".  I have never left a party so fast! And that is the thing about motherhood. I was almost glad she wouldn't take the bottle. Because on one hand I would like more than two hours foot loose and fancy free, and on the other hand I don't want that AT ALL! Quite the conundrum. My little baby needs me. And I love that. But because this is real life, and she may need a baby sitter someday, I will work with her on taking a pumped bottle, even if it makes me a little sad.

I feel like for the first few weeks of motherhood I must have been on some new momma high, fueled by adrenaline and some misconstrued supermom ideal ( it wasn't due to an overwhelm of sleep I can tell you that). Don't worry, we have slowed down. E  is on a growth spurt and has been eating every two hours and frankly I am just pooped. Days have been slower. Cuddles substantially longer. Baby has developed an affinity for falling asleep in her momma's arms, whereas when she was new I could just lay her down when she got tired. I am trying to nail down our routine and just make sure at least Els is dressed and ready for the day ; ), when I get there it's a plus.

Just doing our best over here and loving this spring weather.

If you want to work your booty at home I have discovered a slew of youtube workouts for when you get tired of the videos you have. Check this out, and others by BeFit. Peed my pants during it if that is any testimony to it's intensity. And my need for some special post birth exercises #tmituesday #notathing #neitherarehashtagsinblogs

If you want the perfect mom pants look here... I have these pants in a different print ( from the rack and for half the price), and they are the BEST stay at home mom pants. Put em with a graphic tee for days at home with baby or a pretty blouse and heels for a date with your lover!

If you want to be entertained watch this nun belt it out with her sweet moves here. It will make you smile.


Friday, May 2, 2014

New Momma Musts

Here are some things that really made the transition to mommyhood easier for me.

1) Big Cup. Oh my big cup. I have so much love in my heart for it. I got it at the hospital, and it seriously has not left my side since. Right after Elsie was born and I started nursing, there was not enough water on the earth to sustain me. I drank one of those FILLED to the full 32 oz line every single time she ate! They would have kicked me out of california drinking water like that #droughtprobs. But, my milk came in the next day. Coincidence? Probably not. My body knew what it was doing.  The thirst continues and I still carry it around everywhere. Now I have tapered down to 120 ish oz a day, more when I run. You NEED to drink tons of water when you are nursing. DOOO ITTT.

2) Multiple Nursing Bras. Being a new mom is a damp experience. If you had a vaginal birth you left the hospital in a diaper. You are changing a baby, and changing yourself for a while. . Your baby is spitting up on you. You might get peed on. You will be damp. That is why you should make at least one thing easier ( and drier) for yourself and have a slew of nursing bras for when things get crazy. My favorite  here. It's purple and pretty. And inexpensive.

3)  Visitors. Visitors are a double edged sword. On one end, they bring you dinner and even fold your laundry. Yes, I cried happy tears when a ward member folded my laundry pile with me. My love language is housework, and that pile had been growing for a few days (farmer+baby+postpartum mom= TONS OF LAUNDRY). One of my good friends stopped by and showed me a different and really helpful way to burp my little. Those are treasured visitors. On the other hand they on occasion show up unannounced , ring your doorbell while your newborn is sleeping, or stay for extended periods of time to chat when realllyyyy you just want to sleep and bring in all kinds of germs from who knows where. I had one visitor who seriously banged on my door while I was nursing and couldn't get it right away, and when I did not, went around to the back door and banged on that. Because that is really polite and considerate and stuff. Anyway, I said to H with you, door banger, and didn't bother. So. Moral of the story. Be a good new momma visitor, bring food or clean or don't stay very long. And for the new mommas- your door has a lock. Use it. You do not have to get the door, you are a recovering human being, not a feature at a zoo.

4) A place for everything. Being naturally disorganized, a place for everything is a must for me. I bought a changing pad that sits atop a short dresser, with all the changing paraphernalia in a drawer directly under it. Burp cloth and boppy ( which I never really use now) are on the rocking chair, making a nursing station.  Her play mat with the toys folds up and gets stashed behind the couch. If I didn't do this, there would be diapers and burp rags everywhere. With a newborn, a feeding leads to a changing  leads to where is that swaddle blanket,and the mess kind of snowballs.

5) Nose Frida.  Elsie Lou has the cleanest nasal passages in the land and she doesn't even mind when I suck them out with the cool little bugger. Once you get over the gag factor of feeling like you are going to suck up boogies, your life will be changed. Love that booger bugger. Find here.

6) A rock and play. I was really adamant that we have the crib and everything set up just so before baby girl's arrival. Which is great and I am glad, BUT, she does not sleep in her crib. It's too vast and uncozy for such a tiny being. The rock and play sits your baby upright, which is great especially if you get a spitty one, and snuggles them closer so they can feel secure and sleep through the night ish. Plus you can pull it right up next to your bed to pop the binky back in late at night without a fuss, or drag it around your house for daytime napping. Or shove it in your car for a lil trippy. You know? Portable. Convenient. I don't know why it's called a rock and play. It should be called Sleep at Night Maybe or Rock to Sleep Hopefully. Because she sleeps like a rock in it. You know, once you get her to sleep.

7) That other idea that I had and really wanted to talk about but I can't remember because Elsie wanted to stay awake untill 2 am and then

8) I REMEMBERED! Routine. You need routine. Baby needs routine. Routine > Chaos. Have a bedtime routine for baby. Have a wake up routine for baby. Read a story, change into jammies, rock, sing, whatever. Just have it be dependable and consistent. I feel better about the day if I wake up with Elsie Lou's first morning feeding. Bright and early at 6 am. Regardless of how tired, if I fall back asleep with her I wake up feeling like the bus has left without me or I have gone to class without my homework. The day just gets away from me. If I wake up early and deal with the tired, I can take a nap in the afternoon with satisfaction that at least something got done.

9) And lastly a bazillion burp rags, zip up jammies or those night gowns that make for easy changing, those car seat strap covers that give them somewhere to rest their head while out and about in the car, and aiden and anais swaddle blankets (i.e. the most well meaning baby straightjacket ever).