Monday, May 19, 2014

nutella hostage situations and so forth

^^Aren't these beautiful?! ^^

- I washed an entire bottle of oxyclean in my load of Elsie clothes. It came out full and intact ( maybe this is very fortunate?)
-The next day, my husband's leather belt. It did not fare as well.
- I spilled 6 oz of pumped milk all over my made bed this morning. Do not cry over spilled milk?
-I went out to pick more peonies and I stepped on a bee! Only I was wearing shoes! How it got in between my poor toe and sandal is a tragedy and a mystery. I have not been stung by a bee since I was in kindergarten, about to leave for a field trip to green bluff. Flash bulb memory.  My mom sent me a text to "Bee more careful." Ha!

- I rescued my husbands grandpa ( age: 94 , still working in the garden)  today who took a spill  when his shoes got stuck in the mud. Do I kind of feel like a hero? Yes.
- My in laws got a new puppy. Across the street no less! Gotta love a chubby puppy.
- I found my nutella. I thought maybe it had gotten left behind at the grocery store during bagging. It was ( drum roll please) in my husband's office. We basically had a full on nutella hostage situation. It has been resolved, and the nutella is being shared between spouses. Love is sharing your nutella.
- Mishearing the same statement at church that causes you to go into convulsive silent laughter complete with tears. And then looking over to find that your sister has the same problem. We passed the same kleenex back and forth until we were able to calm the heck down. It was a process. And a bonding moment.


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