Saturday, May 10, 2014

taste of home cooking school

I attended the Taste of Home cooking school last night! I was drawn in by a chance to meet a cooking celebrity and door prizes. .

I learned a cool trick to separate eggs with an empty water bottle. And how to tie up the legs of a chicken with it's own skin... that sounds pretty morbid. BUT SO COOL for chicken roasting!!

Also I learned that I am a traditionalist. Simplicity > creativity in the food department for me! I don't need a 30 layer potato bacon waffle to be happy. Just a regular homemade waffle and syrup type girl over here. And I failed to win the recliner, so there was obvs room for improvement ; ) I secretly crave an Oprah type expirience where everyone in the audience wins some insane prize with much happy screaming and hyperventilating.

Elsie Lou was a champion. She did not make a peep that was not an adorable coo the entire time! And I felt so brave busting out my nursing cover and feeding  my bubs in an auditorium of hundreds. There isn't a mothers room at every function to hide out in, so I am going to have to get the hang of this #nursingpride

I have been putting off going through Elsie's dresser to put away all the tinies she has outgrown. I knew it would make me sad! I picked up the little newborn pair of pajamas that she came home from the hospital in, stuffed them in my face and shed a few tears of nostalgia. And by a few I mean I cried for like ten minutes and sent husband some dramatic text about our baby growing up too fast. But really she is. Everyone says it goes by quickly, but I did not quite believe them. Tonight after her bath, I put her in some jammies fresh out of the dryer and rocked my baby and begged begged my silly human brain to remember every exact detail.-  the weight of her in my arms, the sweet smell of her baby soap and the way her fuzzy head feels against my cheek when I nuzzle her and the way my heart goes limp when she looks up at me with her giant blue eyes... please please remember everything. 


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