Saturday, February 21, 2015

11 months!

             I think I put off these posts because I am fundamentally in denial of Elsie getting older. However, I am IN LOVE with this stage of babyhood, and things need to be recorded!!!
           Els is a happy girl and a big lovey. She gives the biggest sloppiest kisses which consist primarily of her licking your face. You couldn't resist. She loves to love stuffed animals and baby dolls. She is very nurturing. She hugs them and pats them and gives them kisses, too. At night she falls asleep with a lovey stuffed animal in her arms, sometimes two, because she can't decide.
              She is an enthusiastic eater and is ALWAYS hungry. The girl loves her solids and all food, except for two things- mommy's canned peaches and squash. Those she vehemently refuses!! There is all sorts of dramatic sputtering and gagging when either is involved. She isn't appeased unless she is having what you are having, and if you have something yummy you will be instant friends. She routinely finds her daddy at lunchtime and tries to munch all his food. She only has two teeth at this point but trust me when I tell you it does not inhibit her whatsoever, she is an expert gummer.
            Elsie Lou still adores her books. Once we finish reading one, she will climb down and hand me another to read. She likes to sit on the floor and look through her books, her favorites are the Karen Katz lift the flap books, and the Wee Little Chick series. She loves the giant illustrations and always giggles at the cow page. She looks at the Wee Little Chick several times a day.
            She is always babbling and happy yelling, and says momma, dada & kitty. Every time Elliott comes through the door she says "DADA!" and she will yell for him from the bottom of the stairs. She understands simple commands like stand up, sit down, come here, and no. I always tell her to leave her binky after nap and when she wakes up and she takes it out and drops it in her crib. The other day someone in a movie said something to the effect of "put your hands up!" and she did!
           Everything is a phone. She will hold remotes up to her hear and talk, talk, talk. She is supremely interested in lids and screw on caps. She can twist lids off so we have to be careful!! She gets really focused into her little projects and can spend 20 minutes focused on one thing.  She loves the bath and "helping" me put laundry in and loading the dishwasher.  She likes to go on walks to look at the farm and go on outings with momma. She likes to sit in the main compartment of the shopping cart and munch on a cheese stick.  She likes the vacuum and makes a "mmmmmmmm" noise when I have it on like she is mimicking it!!
           She isn't walking yet but there are some attempted steps being taken. She won't nurse more than 3 or 4 times a day at this point and LOVES to drink water.
          Sometimes I say that she is 11 months going on 11 years because she thinks she is a little adult. I love her big smile and her laugh!! We love to tickle and wrestle before bed. She is so so fun and I am really enjoying this stage of my Elsie Lou!!
 trying to put on mommy's slipper
 this lovey. she fell asleep in the car and I had to snap a pic of her looking all sweet like a tiny baby!!
 my little valentine!
 petting a kitty with dad.
 she always has a foot up when she eats.
 she loves to play with magnets!
eating her broccoli
 hanging with grandpa on the farm
       trying on the dress I made her