Friday, June 12, 2015

little miss 15 months

There is never a dull moment with Elsie Lou! She is full of spunk and such a smart and tender hearted girl.  I don't have the energy to be super wordy at this point ( bed time please!!) but here are some things I will be happy I recorded down the road.
  • Whenever she wants me to come sit with her, she pats the floor next to her as if to say "sit here momma!!" And she wants me to sit with her all. the.time.
  • She is learning animal noises, bears say "roooarr", birds say "tweet tweet", bunnies go " hop hop hop" and dogs, "woof woof."
  • She is a serial bathtub pooper. She knows she isn't supposed to now, and says " uh oh! uh oh!" as a warning, but if I don't get to her in time... well. Get some water boiling, because those bath toys need sanitized.
  • On the topic of uh oh's, it's probably her favorite phrase. Secondly to "mo!!!", which is more, usually about food. Sometimes she says "mo momma" and it is the cutest thing ever ever.
  • She is still a very good eater, but she HATES eggs. I was subbing in nursery for a few weeks and she discovered fruit snacks at snack time. She is crazy about fruit snacks. I had a packet in my pocket at the dr. for after her shots. I opened them up immediately after and the tears stopped right away.
  • Els loves music. We have music on a lot during the day while we get things done, and she likes to snap her fingers and wave her arms. She LOVES the song "do as I am doing" and so we have to sing it and do the hand motions several times a day.
  • She's charming. She loves to smile and make faces at people at the grocery store and at church. She LOVES to share her snacks with her baby friends, and loves it even more if she can stuff food directly in their mouths.
  • She has laid off on kissing everyone all the time, but randomly during the day she will toddle up to me and kiss me wherever she can reach. Sometimes when I am kneeling giving her a bath she will kiss me on the nose, and it makes every bad nap and hard day worth it.
  • I always turn on her sleep sheep and rock her for a few songs before I lay her down in her crib. She likes her cheek to be right up against mine. She is such a lovey.
  • She loves to sit in a chair like a big girl. 
  • She might be really far sighted and need some cutesy poo glasses. We have a specialist appointment at the end of the month.
  • If we could spend every second of the day outside, she would be ecstatic. She loves to pick flowers, raspberries, and peas fresh from the field. 
     picking grandma's flowers
  •  sleepy lovey naps best with momma
     striking a pose
  • loving her birdies
  • thinking her whole shirt is a snack pocket
  • straight lounging