Monday, December 16, 2013

29 weeks

How far along? 29 weeks!

Total weight gain: 20 pounds and counting

Maternity clothes? I have a lot of maternity pants that I don't know what I would do without, and I have bought a few tops just a size up so they cover the bump. Sundays are tragic in the getting dressed department.  So are most maternity clothes. Unless you want to pay an arm and a leg.    Maybe next pregnancy I will feel like investing in more maternity things?

Stretch marks? no... KNOCK ON WOOD... rub oil all over belly...ect... my mom never did but who knows, I only have half of her blessed genetics!!!!

Sleep: Most nights I sleep like a big pregnant rock. But some nights it will be 3 am and I will lay there wide awake and have my most genius thoughts and feel my babe wiggle around. She is nocturnal, you know. 

Miss Anything? I miss things like being able to wrestle my hubs with reckless abandon. And sleeping on my tummy.  And eh...eating sushi with reckless abandon.....giant diet cokes.... And not worrying that something is going to food poison me or give me something with a tragic name like listeria. But I am more than happy to sacrifice 4o ish weeks of doing without a few things for this baby. I already love her. 

Movement:  She is getting a lot bigger and her movements are really starting to make waves! I woke up the other morning to about a half inch of foot sticking out under my ribs. It was the most incredible thing. She spends most her time in the transverse position, laying across my tummy like it's some kind of hammock. When she gets up in my ribs it feels like the wind gets knocked out of me a little bit!  I feel her moving almost constantly. She is big enough to where she can't do much without it being apparent. 

Food cravings: MILK!!!!  I essentially drank a gallon in less than four days. Husband was in town and I asked him to pick up another gallon... and he said " but we have a full one in the fridge, don't we?"... false. Babes needs it though, she is growing bunches and needs the fat and calcium. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: No! Hallelujah!! I left my queasies behind by 19 weeks.

 Labor Signs: I don't think so. I had some ligament stretching pain a few weeks ago, and in Hawaii I had some cramping but I think it was from the absence of my fantastic mattress at home.  

 Belly Button in or out or pig snout: pig snout. serious, that is what it looks like. Hubs thinks it looks "ruined". I think that is a little dramatic.

 Pregnant paddle boating in Hawaii ! I felt like I was a kindred spirit to all of the pregnant women at the resort. We would stop and chat about how pregnant we were and congratulate each other.

 So lucky to have my pal Becka Lefoll do some maternity pictures for me. She is so wonderful! More to come.