Thursday, October 31, 2013

what you won't expect when you're expecting part 1

1) To grow a two inch mini lion mane all along your hairline. I knew they said my hair might get thicker, but there was no mention of the awesomeness that becomes my hair in a pony tail when the mini mane that can't be pulled back gets a chance to shine. RAR!

2) To believe in pregnancy brain. What an excuse! Wait until you put 1/4 cup of sugar into your waffle batter instead of a table spoon, and sprinkle chili powder on your casserole instead of paprika in the same day. You will become a believer.

3) To be able to spend unlimited amounts of time with your hands on your belly in complete awe of this tiny person kicking back. You know, just this tiny person you made. Just the biggest miracle right there in your very tummy!

4) Your leg hair growth gets stunted. Compensation for the mini mane, possibly. This is actually very convenient because I am already starting to wonder how I will be able to bend over in a few weeks. Or put on shoes. Or get out of a vehicle without a lot of sputtering and dramatics.

5) To have that panic moment when you look beyond the cuddly new born stage and realize that your baby girl will someday become a teenager and has half of your genetics. I don't recommend dwelling on the topic. Focus on the newborn snuggles.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

fake o chip

I had the 3rd graders vote two weeks ago on the sex of the baby. 21 kids voted in favor of a girl, and 9 thought baby would be a boy! I told them whatever the outcome I would bring them in cupcakes, blue for boy, pink for a girl.

I only had one box of rainbow chip cake mix. And I tried to stretch that one box meant for 24 cupcakes to 27. But I fundamentally don't believe in cupcakes that don't rise above their lil liner! So I improvised. I dumped sprinkles into a yellow cake mix so that the third graders wouldn't do the whole, " But HE got rainbow chip!!" ordeal. So all the cupcakes appeared as though they were rainbow chip. Fake o chip.

I whipped together buttercream frosting and tinted it baby pink. It was delicious. 

I came in this morning and set a cupcake on each desk, and put a powerpoint up on the starboard that said, "IT'S A GIRL!" with a little ultrasound picture. The kids ran in all excited yelling " I knew it, I knew it!" There was much rejoicing. And then it came to the eating of the cupcakes. Most children ate them without question. There were a few however, who were confused about "what was on top". These were no safeway cupcakes. I told them " KID THAT IS REAL FROSTING! It's not straight crisco! It's fantastic! You eat that or I will!" Man. Kiddos not appreciating homemade butter cream. What in the world.

I gave the kids their math test today. They all bombed it. It was horrible. Here was a highlight. " I know that 57 and 18 = 75 and I think it means about math that's what I think it means. " The correct answer sprang from that logic.That is 3rd grade.  I think the problem lies within the fact that I didn't go over every single question and tell them exactly what to do. If there are more than 5 words it may as well be Japanese to these kiddos.

I watched my geese pick on my Melly dog today and I was filled with protective rage. Mel was such a good dog, and just stood there with her tail between her legs as they gathered around and honked at her because she knows it would be a bad thing to kill a goose pet. So I did the heroic and ran out and chased them away. I'm on your side Melly dog.


Monday, October 14, 2013

and everything nice

It's girl!!!!! I should be more surprised by this, but I had my suspicions! I have possibly been referring to her as a she for a while. At first I was convinced it was a boy. And then I became convinced otherwise. According to old wives tales, heart beats per minute, sickies, carrying high or low, this babe was definitely a girl! I don't have anything to compare it to of course so who knows, and watch me have the same symptoms next time around and have it be a boy. Either way, we are thrilled!

My instructions for the ultrasound had me drink 32 oz of water and hour before my appointment. Which I felt was akin to the gallon challenge for a preggers. Either I was going to barf it up or I would pee my pants and there was no way around it. I fell asleep in the car and Hubs woke me up 40 min before we got there. " Babe drink your water!!". I started  sipping. " No you have to really drink it!" I drank faster. I got to feeling very uncomfortable. " Husband I am going to puke." This was actually really convenient however because we were in the midst of a traffic jam. I opened the door to the car,  leaned over, and the water got to splash all over the freeway for the onlookers. Just what they wanted on a monday drive to work I am sure of it. It happened 4 times. So everyone got a free ticket to the barf show. I do what I can for traffic jam entertainment, you know?

I was so happy to have Hubs with me at the appointment! He asked a lot of great questions that I wouldn't have thought to ask. When we got there I finally relaxed and got excited. I had been waiting for this day for AGES it seems like! Right off the bat we were told that we were having a girl!! It took a long time to sink in. It still is sinking in. And, she's adorable. I'm in love with my little wiggle girl! I can't believe we are halfway there already!

Friday, October 11, 2013

sensitive souls

Today during math, I decided to include a game to try out the kid's addition strategies I had taught them. So we split the class boys vs. girls, and I got them all pumped up because the winning team would get to line up first for the rest of the whole day. YESSS!!  Apparently the stakes were too high. The first crier through me off guard. " It's ok bud! It's just a game, and we've just started!" So we continued on, the girls slaughtering the boys in the competition. More boys in tears. Soon, at least half of boys. Crying over our math game. Real tears. Heads buried in arms on desks. " I will never talk to a girl again!" Direct quote. I didn't know if it was because they felt comfortable enough in class to show their raw kiddo emotions or because they were really just that devastated!In my day you would have just been called a sore looser, I am pretty sure. I did not tell them that obviously, but we had  a heart to heart about being good sports and having a can-do attitude, etc. Sensitive souls.

I am already half way through student teaching! It is crazy to think that I have worked so hard for so long to be at this moment. Instead of freaking out about the new WA state assessment and everything I have to do, I have just been trying to remember, you earned this! Criers and all.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

the bumpkin

 Giant pumpkins!! I drove by our orchard where they were planted under the trees today, and panicked because they were all gone! Did someone rob my giant lovelies? Only someone truly passionate about their pumpkins would have thoughts like that. Nope, husband had loaded them up in the truck! With super strength obviously because those things are MASSIVE.  I chose some for my porch ( just 11, you know?) and I am pretty sure he drove around like santa and delivered them to people to spread autumn cheer.

 It should be mentioned that I feel like my belly button is going to rip open, and we are only halfway to having a baby in my arms! The bump is having a major growth spurt.
 Above is bump at 16 weeks.
Here at 19 weeks.

4 more days until we find out if our little is a boy or girl, and the suspense is killing me!!! At first I was positive that it would be a little boy, and then the more I looked at baby girl things the more convinced I became that I had to have a reason to buy things with bows and lace and pink with kitties on the bum.
The baby will be kicking and will stop right when I try to get hubs to see if he can feel them! So babes is like mom in that way, is happy to do something until asked.

enjoy your bladders with normal capacities.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

on growing a person

It's a hard thing to stay focused on school work when my tiny tummy buddy is having a dance party. At 19 weeks, I have felt the baby pretty consistently for a while now. I love to lay down on the couch and wait for the tiny little kicks that I can feel, mostly on the inside still, but sometimes the babe really wants to say hello and I can feel it on the outside, too.  I tell myself, ok, you can lay here and try to feel the baby for 5 minutes. And 5 turns to 10. And ten to 15. It never really gets old, the fact that I planned, hoped & prayed for this little baby, and it is in there, getting bigger everyday!

Sometimes it baffles my mind to think that when hubs was 22 he was foot loose and fancy free at BYU - going around being all brash and good looking and Elliott-like, and I at 22 have been married for two years and am expecting a child. I have been pondering that for maturity's sake. And then I cut myself a break majorly.

The elementary school jog-a-thon was earlier this week and whenever their is a fun run I feel the need to run my heart out, and win whatever cardboard medal is available regardless of training or lack thereof. I couldn't do it!! I jogged at a comfortable pace for most of the hour, but my potty breaks knocked me out of the race, and I was really trying to make sure I didn't over-do it, with plenty of water breaks & slowing down if I needed to.

FALL IS HERE and I can't shun my cooking/baking urges. Before I knew how to cook, I always hoped that I would like it, and had this idea of me enjoying cooking and making things and as it turns out, I have a domestic bone or two in this bod!! I just want to feed everybody stuff. Like the oatmeal fudge bars I made today. I didn't even want them. I just wanted to feed them to people and feel the gratification of making something people enjoy. Maybe those are pre-motherly feelings coming to life.

Ultimately this is just turning into a directionless rant which I should end because I am pretty positive I have a load of school work to do!


Saturday, October 5, 2013


Today I am so grateful for general conference. I dragged my laptop room to room as I cleaned house, and sat down for second session in front of a giant pile of laundry. Here's to you full time working women, you are magic. It is hard to do it all.  After a few talks that hit me like a ton of bricks personalized for Kayla Goodrich I just laid my head down on the table and sobbed. Because the talks spoke to me so poignantly- because I had been needing to hear some of those things for a long time. I felt so aware of my Heavenly Father's love for me and could feel it tangibly through the words of his servants. He is aware of our struggles and shortcomings and today I was reminded that I have not been alone for a single second of them. My heart is filled with gratitude today for my membership in the church, and for the comfort and rock it has always been for me in my life.