Friday, October 11, 2013

sensitive souls

Today during math, I decided to include a game to try out the kid's addition strategies I had taught them. So we split the class boys vs. girls, and I got them all pumped up because the winning team would get to line up first for the rest of the whole day. YESSS!!  Apparently the stakes were too high. The first crier through me off guard. " It's ok bud! It's just a game, and we've just started!" So we continued on, the girls slaughtering the boys in the competition. More boys in tears. Soon, at least half of boys. Crying over our math game. Real tears. Heads buried in arms on desks. " I will never talk to a girl again!" Direct quote. I didn't know if it was because they felt comfortable enough in class to show their raw kiddo emotions or because they were really just that devastated!In my day you would have just been called a sore looser, I am pretty sure. I did not tell them that obviously, but we had  a heart to heart about being good sports and having a can-do attitude, etc. Sensitive souls.

I am already half way through student teaching! It is crazy to think that I have worked so hard for so long to be at this moment. Instead of freaking out about the new WA state assessment and everything I have to do, I have just been trying to remember, you earned this! Criers and all.


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