Monday, October 14, 2013

and everything nice

It's girl!!!!! I should be more surprised by this, but I had my suspicions! I have possibly been referring to her as a she for a while. At first I was convinced it was a boy. And then I became convinced otherwise. According to old wives tales, heart beats per minute, sickies, carrying high or low, this babe was definitely a girl! I don't have anything to compare it to of course so who knows, and watch me have the same symptoms next time around and have it be a boy. Either way, we are thrilled!

My instructions for the ultrasound had me drink 32 oz of water and hour before my appointment. Which I felt was akin to the gallon challenge for a preggers. Either I was going to barf it up or I would pee my pants and there was no way around it. I fell asleep in the car and Hubs woke me up 40 min before we got there. " Babe drink your water!!". I started  sipping. " No you have to really drink it!" I drank faster. I got to feeling very uncomfortable. " Husband I am going to puke." This was actually really convenient however because we were in the midst of a traffic jam. I opened the door to the car,  leaned over, and the water got to splash all over the freeway for the onlookers. Just what they wanted on a monday drive to work I am sure of it. It happened 4 times. So everyone got a free ticket to the barf show. I do what I can for traffic jam entertainment, you know?

I was so happy to have Hubs with me at the appointment! He asked a lot of great questions that I wouldn't have thought to ask. When we got there I finally relaxed and got excited. I had been waiting for this day for AGES it seems like! Right off the bat we were told that we were having a girl!! It took a long time to sink in. It still is sinking in. And, she's adorable. I'm in love with my little wiggle girl! I can't believe we are halfway there already!

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