Thursday, October 10, 2013

the bumpkin

 Giant pumpkins!! I drove by our orchard where they were planted under the trees today, and panicked because they were all gone! Did someone rob my giant lovelies? Only someone truly passionate about their pumpkins would have thoughts like that. Nope, husband had loaded them up in the truck! With super strength obviously because those things are MASSIVE.  I chose some for my porch ( just 11, you know?) and I am pretty sure he drove around like santa and delivered them to people to spread autumn cheer.

 It should be mentioned that I feel like my belly button is going to rip open, and we are only halfway to having a baby in my arms! The bump is having a major growth spurt.
 Above is bump at 16 weeks.
Here at 19 weeks.

4 more days until we find out if our little is a boy or girl, and the suspense is killing me!!! At first I was positive that it would be a little boy, and then the more I looked at baby girl things the more convinced I became that I had to have a reason to buy things with bows and lace and pink with kitties on the bum.
The baby will be kicking and will stop right when I try to get hubs to see if he can feel them! So babes is like mom in that way, is happy to do something until asked.

enjoy your bladders with normal capacities.


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