Monday, July 21, 2014

4 months & a bit

Where do I start with my Elsie Lou!! She is learning new things everyday and is growing up so fast. Elsie's favorite things are reading stories with me, sitting in her bumbo with us at the dinner table like a big girl, and ROLLING!! She will not stop rolling. She will try to roll when you put her in her car seat, on the changing table, on your knees to play... rolling is her favorite. I try to hold her back right after she has eaten, because it ends up being a giant spit up fest, but the girl is strong and there isn't much stopping her.  She rolled tummy to back first, but seems to have forgotten that bit. She can fully push herself up with her little arms. When she gets her legs underneath her we are going to be in trouble. The girl wants to go! She gets her little legs moving so fast. I put her toys just out of her reach like I am encouraging this or something. She likes to hold my fingers and sit up and then stand up from there. Her standing skills are impressive and she loves it, but she has no interest in sitting up. Why sit when you can stand (?).. She loves to scream like a pterodactyl ( it really is the best way to describe it) and is a sweet smiley girl. She will laugh when I kiss attack her tummy or munch her fingers (which she always tries to put in my mouth). She laughed her first real laugh the day after Elliott and I's third anniversary and I am pretty sure I teared up. It was the cutest thing!

I bought her a johnny jump up for her 4 month birthday, because EVERY baby loves a jump up, right? False. Els hated it! I thought with her love for standing/jumping in my arms she would love it. I keep trying though and she will now tolerate swaying around in it for a few minutes at a time as long as I sit there and encourage her. She loves hanging out in her k'tan with me. I discovered a new sling hold, where she is basically sitting up& criss-cross applesauce in there. I narrate what I am up to and she likes to observe the world close to mom. We go on walks around the farm and chat about what we see. She likes to watch the pigs and likes watch the cat when we feed him. I prep dinner with her in there and let her touch and smell different ingredients.

It has probably been the best bit and the hardest bit as far as mommyhood has gone for me lately. She went through a phase where she became a very picky eater and got to distracted to nurse during the day. Which means I was up 2 or 3 times a night nursing her. I tried everything. I would nurse her in her sleep, try walking around nursing her... It really stressed me out that my baby wasn't getting enough to eat. One night she was so sad but wouldn't settle to nurse so I just made up a bottle with formula and out of no where I had a bottle taker. Now she will take a pumped bottle and it has been fantastic ( and a little sad, too). We have both been under the weather the last few days, but her appetite has gotten a lot better and I couldn't be more relieved. She hasn't had her 4 month visit yet, it's tomorrow (dr. office frustrations for another post) , but when I took her in for her cough she was 14 pounds 8 oz, which I am ok with considering feeding her has been SO HARD the last month.

I have considered starting her on solids since she was struggling with nursing, but I tried and she choked a lot. I will reconsider at 5 months, but in my heart of hearts I want to exclusively breastfeed for 6 months. She shows a lot of interest in food, and grabs at plates and my spoon on it's way to my mouth : )  She loves her binky, and in the car I watch her take it out of her mouth and hold it out and an arms length and marvel at it like it's the best thing in the world. She can put it back in better now, and likes to grab it with both hands and chew on every part of it.

I am phasing out swaddling since she is a roller, and I really feel like she has outgrown it. I can rock her to sleep on my chest and then just lay her down and she sleeps just fine. I usually lay her down on my bed to fall asleep and then move her into her crib when I go to bed ( and she is oblivious).

I love my sweet girl so much and am loving watching her learn and grow!! I hope we get feeling better soon.

"You bring me here and you give me no sushi!?"

  Tolerating the jumpy.

 Chatting with momma

 "All my toys, please! And wipe my face."

Putting together a soup in the crock pot