Sunday, September 23, 2012

baby shower.

My Jamie pal and I threw a baby shower for our sweet friend Bailee over the weekend. I was so excited and had a blast putting it all together. 

I got the darling banner from, as well as the stripey straws. What is a party without some good ol' cardboard stripey straws these days? I baked the goodies and hoarded the tin buckets from around the farm, and Jamie the craft mastermind was behind the decor and darling invites. She is kind of a craft genius. I have become obsessed with tiny floral china plates that I found at goodwill, and between the two of us we had enough to eat our treats off of. Fancy shmancy. Food just tastes better off real plates. Especially ones with darling little flowers.

 Alsooo it was my momma's birthday this week. Doesn't she look young and fabulous?

And I cannot get enough of my Rachey baby. Ever.

Monday, June 25, 2012

1 year

Last weekend was the 1 year anniversary of Elliott & I. On our first date we went to the laser light show at the grand coulee dam. I remember just laying there looking at the stars and talking with him, and he asked me what I want out of my life. I remember stumbling for an answer. While I couldn't put my finger on specific things then, I am almost glad, because although I never imagined I would end up here, what I have now is more than I could ever ask for.

There is something beautiful about marriage, the way it softens your rough edges, forces you to be more patient, forgiving, and willing to sacrifice for the other person. I won't say that marriage is easy ( we are both a 10 on the stubborn scale) , I will say it is rewarding.  I have never been more fulfilled, more happy, or more in love. Even after a whole year waking up next to him is my favorite part of the day- as I think it will be forever : )

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I ran a 10k this morning with my running buddy for life Jamie. Whenever I ask myself why I like to race I can't come up with a good answer besides... why not? While I placed second in my age group today (7th  or something overall),  I placed first in largest badonk among my running buddies pictured below.   I finished in 50 min some seconds. I chilly day in June it was. Perfect for running. Sad for my garden.

Last time I ran it in 49 min and some seconds and placed first.   I thought for sure I would beat it today since last race had a huge hill and I just felt slow!  Oh well, there is always the next race. Yes, I am addicted- an endorphin junkie I suppose. Or maybe I just like an excuse to wear awesome spandex pants.

We are now owners of geese. 5 of them. Big white ones. I don't really know how it came to be, but there they are, all large and feathered in the giant  habitat that Elliott put together for them. I think I would enjoy the experience more if we would have got them when they were babies so they would follow me around as though I were there mother, rather than just walking around scaring poor Melly dog. I will take pictures when I am in the mood to do something reckless and irresponsible ( i.e. approaching a flock of angry geese)


Thursday, June 7, 2012


Life has been pretty sweet as of late. Red strawberries eaten by the handful out of our garden, listening to the rain tap on our windows as we go to sleep all snuggled up, and big beautiful peonies growing in Elliott's grandmothers garden that I bring in to brighten up my little kitchen. So what if I have to mop and dust twice as much as the average woman with all the dust and mud that comes with country life, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

We got our new pigs on Tuesday. I know that I can't get attached but I still like to go and visit them. The little black one comes right up and tries to knaw on my shoe and puts his little pig feet up on the straw bale where I sit and gets his cute little snout all over my pants trying to eat those, too. He adores belly rubs. And chocolate chip cookies.

I have got an upgrade in the job department : ) I now work at a doctors office. Elliott always told me to look for better opportunities and that I did. In fact, really think it is the best job I could ask for at this point.  I really love it! I still have a lot to learn, but I love feeling like what I am doing matters. I love answering phones and feeling official saying things like " got that file?" and  "so and so on line one". I even bought slacks. That is how official I felt. I love having coworkers and drawer stashed with chocolate and being around fellow receptionist diet coke addicts like myself.  I work afternoons, so I have the mornings to myself to run and work in the garden and do my school work and do some cleaning around the house. I just wish I didn't need 9 hours of sleep a night there were more hours in the day!!


Monday, May 21, 2012

that which does not kill you

The half marathon was everything I wanted it to be!! From the perfect weather to the scenic trail and my awesome running buddy, to my sweet hydration belt , it was a great experience!! The miles went by fast! The river front park bell tower struck nine o clock during our last half mile, so we had the loud bells ringing  in the background as we finished up! It was pretty epic! It is amazing how far we have come, and I am so happy that Jamie and I got to do our training together every step of the way and cross that finish line together! I could never have done it without her! Our families at the finish line just made it complete!! I felt so grateful to have them there, it really made it a special experience. I felt really well prepared and glad that we were really stuck to our training schedule. It is hard to believe that less than two months ago I thought I was going to die running a two miler. Such is life though, you never know what you can do until you try! And, no one went to the bathroom in their pants!  YES! Here's to pepto bismol!

And while I am doing shout outs, here is to the random 30 min massage coupon that I got off my pizza at papa johns a few weeks ago! I felt like it might have been slightly sketchy but I thought hey, if it was, I could always just run out of there! And it wasn't! It was professional and lovely. That lady found knots I never knew I had. I must have reached my free massage quota from Elliott when we were dating because now I have to outsource. Pshfft.

Speaking of that man that I love, we have done a ton of work it our garden!! It is all planted!! We will have way more produce then we know what to do with and have to can through the night for several days a wonderful harvest! I can't wait. I really do love working out there though with that guy.

p.s. isn't the sign that running buddy's family made the cutest ever?! It made me tear up. Her little ones are adorable.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

coffee cake

Our little 3 year olds that we teach in church crack me up about every 5 minutes. Elliott has them trained when he asks, " Who is the boss?" They point to him and say "you're the number one boss" and they point at me and say "that is the number two boss". Ha ha! They are so sweet, I get more compliments from them than anyone. We were playing duck duck goose ( which they almost have a solid understanding of) and one little girl touches my eye lashes and says, " I like your.. these". They say the darndest things. They have taught Elliott and I so much, I adore them.

It was a lovely Sunday. I made coffee cake for breakfast, and we had a leisurely morning and took off to church. Elliott laid a blanket out on the lawn when we got back and read a book. Which didn't last long as alone time because I came out, and then melly dog trotted on over and tried to cuddle. She loves family time. We had dinner at the in laws and took husband's grandparents on a field trip of Elliott's current projects. I am so excited about our orchard, and grateful for my hardworking husband who manages to do everything that he does. And look fine while he does it.

Goodbye weekend!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

sandwich's first steps.

first steps from kayla goodrich on Vimeo.

This was my fun for the day. Ice Cream Sandwich Kitten taking little wobbley cat steps. Little sis wasn't as enthralled as I was, and if you have the audio on, you can hear her saying that if I tag her in this on Facebook she will delete me as a friend. Yes, I love the baby cats. I am not ashamed. And now I have a key to my momma's house so I can see the little fuzzies anytime I want! Little sis is thrilled.

Buh bye now, it is a day dedicated to homework!! And garden work! I am going to finish my second class this weekend.!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

visualizing the halfsie.

The gun fires. We take off. I feel peaceful and calm and strong. I feel happy in my new purple athletic top and running capris. The purple says, you are a powerful lady. You will demolish this race. We find our place with a pack of other women who have a decent pace. We stick with them for the first 5 miles or so. And then, We pick them off. One by one. I think about how tired I am and slowing down, so I push myself harder. I think thoughts like, " She believed she could, so she did" and "you're legs aren't giving out, your head is, keep going." And other quotes I found on pinterest. At the water pit stop I grab some, and poor it all over my face really dramatically and hope some gets in my mouth (just kidding.... mainly.) The miles go by faster than expected. MILE 12! AND WE ATTACK! Our fastest mile! We pick all the middle aged women off! Our legs feel like jello and we may puke but we fight it till the joyful end. AND SPRINNTTT IT IN!!! We cross the finish line!! I put my hands up and do my little "woo!!" thing that I do at the end of all our long runs! I hug the RBJ! WE HAVE DONE IT!! Nobody wets their pants!! And if they do we don't say anything about it!! We are happy. We are accomplished. We ran a half marathon.

I wish I could get this psyched about my diversity and inclusion paper.


also I know it may seem that all my posts are about running, or baby cats, or my sweet online education. it's because they are. that is kind of my life right now.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

date night

Sometimes doing what we do every night and still calling it date night is still exciting. The only difference about tonight than any other evening is that we are going to watch extra episodes of Mad Men and pick up a pizza so I don't have to cook. And probably I am going to trick Hubs into giving me a legitimate back massage.

Today RBJ and I ran 10 miles. With a pack of semi-wild dogs running behind us. One would join up at about every house we passed. We also spent a legitimate amount of time calling to what we though was Jamie's dog, but was really a coyote. And then we couldn't figure out how to use a water bottle we ended up all spilling all over ourselves. As you can see, it was a level 10 entertaining run as far as runs go.

I cannot wait for the day of rest. Also known as Sunday.


Friday, April 13, 2012

halfsies marathon

I am reading this running article about how it is important to stay hydrated for runs longer than 45 minutes. In cross country in high school, we would just jog onto people's laws and drink out of their hoses, and on hot days our coach would meet us with a cooler of water, and we would throw half of it at each other. So now that I don't have any neighbors to steal hose water from, it becomes really technical. There is so much running gear you could have. What happened to just running shoes and the open road? Or maybe that was never a thing, maybe I didn't know anything about running besides that I was pretty fast on a good day. So now I am looking at running belts with cute little water bottles and special sports gels, and the only thing I am thinking is... " how much can I stuff into my sports bra?" Maybe a gel pack or two, but if I want to bring along water we are going to have to go up a cup size. Or maybe buy a bra that comes in cup sizes as opposed to same ones that I have had since the 9th grade that came in a 5 pack at wal-mart, eh?

Look how cute this is! I could pack a small lunch in there! Hook some mace on the strap. I'd be set.

Speaking of cute, does it get any cuter than this little kitty baby?

Not much my friends, not much.
Also I kind of went all midwife when this little guy was born.. And saved it. So, I love this one a little extra.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

the week of the missing hubs

As Elliott was packing up to leave ( and I was hiding lovey dovey sticky notes in his suit case when he wasn't looking), I mentioned to him that I have never spent more than a weekend by myself. Since he was leaving for 9 days it was kind of intimidating. There was a lot of cereal for dinner, a grand portion of my evenings spent at my mom's house, and a lot of, "melly dog? did you hear that?" when trying to go to bed by myself at night. Mel spent most nights posted right outside my bedroom door, that is until I'd fall asleep and she would sneak onto the couch! Bad Mel. There was lots to keep me busy though, between my morning runs, work, school, and me incessantly going over to my mom's to see the baby fuzzy kittens.

I tried not to worry about Elliott in Ghana ( he was there checking out a few friend's farms), and looked forward to his skype calls. I think it is really interesting to be on your own for a while, because without the expectations of your spouse, you really see what is important to you. Turns out, meals are not, but is clean house is for me. And I was actually better at getting out of bed since there wasn't anyone all warm to snuggle up to when I woke up.

I am happy to have the man back, even if it does mean cooking legitimate meals and folding two people's laundry instead of one. People said, oh you must be so lonely! But the thing is I kind of crave solitude from time to time, and I don't think you have to feel lonely just because you are by yourself. Sometimes it is nice to miss someone, and be missed.

Plus now I get all giddy when I see him like a high schooler and just want to maul him with hugs : )


Monday, April 9, 2012

mind over matter

"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
-John Bingham

And that is how I feel about today's 8 miles. All I could do was put my shoes on, and get out there. They say running is ninety percent mental. It is. I knew my body could do 8. The struggle was convincing my head that I could do 8. I just have to keep imagining myself at the finish line of the half marathon. I felt so accomplished today, I can't imagine how accomplished I will feel then! When we were done I just wanted to lay down in the cold grass and cry happy tears and hug everyone. But I didn't, because that is why you have a running buddy, so you don't do embarrassing things like that. I am so grateful for RBJ. We motivate each other.

Also, planners motivate me. I love check boxes. And getting a colored pen and CHECK! Another paper bites the dust.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mom Day

Shopping for baby clothes is the most enjoyable form of shopping. I joke not. Pink kitty feet pajamas. Rompers. Ruffle butt leggings. Everything looks adorable on a chubby little baby, the more ridiculous the better! I spent the day shopping with my mom and getting things that she needs for her little bundle of joy, and many things that she doesn't "need" but I couldn't put down. Lets be real, everyone loves shopping for baby showers and having an excuse to look at the baby things. I just want the kid to have everything, and even got crazy in target and grabbed a giant bear off the shelf and dumped it in my mom's cart and ran off. "BUY ALL THE STUFF!!" It is good to know now that I have little to no self control in the baby department for future reference.

After all that, the only thing that looked appealing to me were sweatpants. That happens when my sis and I go shopping sometimes. Dressing room mirrors are just the living worst. Or maybe it was that everything seemed blah in contrast to everything with ruffles and bows and elephants all over it. I had all these great intentions but the only things that called out to me were flannel and had elastic waistbands. That is when you should probably leave the mall. And go to hobby lobby!! Something about being in there makes me want to paint my own birdhouse , sew some curtains and take up oil painting. And live there. Oh, the lobby of hobbies.

It was a wonderful day with my mom! We ate sushi and laughed like school children. I am so grateful for my Momma time.


Thursday, April 5, 2012


Meet Sandwich, formally known as Ice Cream Sandwich. He or she ( who even knows) was born last night and is one of 4 fuzzy babies.

I have never seen kittens being born, or anything for that matter, so it was quite the vomit inspiring experience for my little sis and I. However, it is amazing how this cat who isn't much more than a kitten herself has all of these instincts and is such a good mommy already. Look at that baby, already moving around at less than a day old! I could spend hours just watching the little fuzzies meow around. Oh wait, I did.

Which is why I am even more pleased to announce that I accomplished things today! I finished a paper and got it turned in ( the LIVING WORST PAPER EVER, I might add), took my final math exam and ran 5 miles with the amazing RBJ! In the snow. In April. And then since I did my laundry on warm, I got an icy cold shower. Clean clothes... hypothermia... you win some you loose some I guess.


Monday, April 2, 2012

my week

We went to dinner and my handsome spouse ate a steak bigger than his face.
Pretty much I think the word spouse is hilarious.
I love to grab him around the waist and say... "GOTCHA YOU BIG SPOUSE!"
At which point he would carry me off and tickle torture me untill I beg for mercy.
Marriage is fun.

Conference at Grandma's! A nice photo of the potholes for you.
Casserole, brownies, and the voice of the prophets were enjoyed by all.

I made sweet & sour meatballs and hubs said these were the best yet!

Anddd Melly and I weeded the garden. Obviously whilst wearing my infamous pink sweatpants that I have had since my freshman year of high school. My plants and I have bonded. Those are my plants, and the weeds had better watch out. We will not be growing corn this year. And I am not sad. In fact I probably bagged enough last summer to last 10 years, remember? In quart bags. Which I didn't think about as being a thing at the time. But it is a thing. When are two people going to sit down and eat a quart of corn? Was I planning on putting corn in every meal for a week? I know not. Even though I will miss having an excuse to prowl around the stalks and thin them with a machete. That was pretty entertaining.

Running buddy Jamie , ( who I shall herafter refer to as RBJ), and I ran a 10k ( the picture counts our warm up and warm down)!! It was a major milestone for me and I was SO SO happy when we finished. This week we will sign up for our beautiful half marathon!! I am so excited.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

the fruits of procrastination

got married before I was 21
i make cakes because it's so much fun

pack my husband lunch since he's on the run
dinner at six when you get back, hun

in the summers I be cannin jam
fresh from my garden it's the way I am

I make all my food from scratch.
Like my cookies? Here's the second batch

my closet's filled with lovely modest clothes
up to my neck down to my toes

every sunday you know where we goes
off to church with our babies and our cheerios

we go to craft night and make stuff that is so tight
girl talk with the chicks till 10 o clock at night

man being Mormon's cool
got a year of food storage in my basement fool

so yeah... about that paper I am supposed to be writing...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This post is about to get really real. This month I thought that possibly my birth control had malfunctioned. Due to a number of factors of which I will spare you. And I spent the last 3 weeks both horrified and and at the same time intrigued, excited, and borderline obsessed. But then mainly I just started to panic. I just dumped my life savings into my education which I JUST started. Husband will be gone all winter farming with the elephants and lions. And 9 months without diet coke? Could I do that? Was I ready for fat pants? All these thoughts plagued me. Little baby socks? So cute. Pregnancy stories? Horrifying. You get stitches where!? Do I even need to mention that both my mother and her cat are expecting right now, and how that would be far too much pregnancy for one family? I'm not in the mood to father of the bride 2 it up.

And then finally I went to the awkward isle of rite aid, which is the place you go if you need something awkward and want none to see you . Walgreens also works. I grabbed a box. Of the pee sticks. And got to the cash register.. and felt the need to explain , "it's ok, I'm married.." even though I am sure she couldn't care less.. but was probably pretty amused by my stammering and red cheeks.

So I did the deed, and let me say, the blue dash filled me with relief and happiness. Cheers to skinny jeans, full nights of rest, and giving kids back to their parents at the end of the day. And diet coke, obviously.

I want to be a mother more than anything, and I plan of having all my cutie patootie babies before I turn 30, but this experience reaffirmed to me that I am not quite ready. I still need mothering on occasion myself. I went over to my mom's house before church last week, and she discovered tooth paste on my jacket ( this really happens more than it should) and a thread hanging off my dress. Which she took care of. See? I would just wander about looking unkept and toothpasted without that lady.

Well my friends, I am off to do some learnin'! I will make you feel more awkward and uncomfortable at a later time I am sure.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

fat cat

Everyone and their cat is pregnant!!! Ok maybe just my mom and her cat. Check out that giant kitty tummy!!!

Anyone want a kitten?

cake pop math

Today my running buddy and I conquered 4 miles! We have only been running for 2 weeks and I am really proud of us. So I celebrated by eating 4 cake pops that I made last night with my chics at craft night. You would think, oh, it's like 4 cute bites of cake. Untill you realize how it is done, and then you know that it is condensed smooshed up cake with frosting to hold it together... like an entire piece of cake smooshed into a one inch sphere... so it's really like I ate a half a real cake if you do your cake pop math properly. And if you did it really proper then you know that cake pop x 4= nausea and regret. Only emphasized by the fact that I made alfredo for dinner...( It was SO GOOD. I know it was more hilarious to read of my epic failures as a dinner maker, but I am Kayla The Competent Cook now... and husband likes that better) Did I just turn a paragraph about running into devouring unholy amounts of food? What a contradiction.

Anyways, Melly dog and I just got done writing my paper first paper for school! Mel contributed by providing cuddles and smashing her paw onto the keyboard when she didn't like an idea ( but really when she wasn't being adequately cuddled) Yes, Mel was a farm dog, but try telling her that now, all fancy in her pink collar with her very own dishes in my laundry room (I've created a monster) She is old and I take pity on her, and she is smart enough to know.

Anywhoo, it is bed time for this running, cake pop eating, paper writing, dog spoiling lady.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

the worth of education.

Last week was probably one of the most unproductive weeks of my life. I was sick. And all I wanted to do was sleep. I found out school would take me a bit longer than expected, and I went from being insanely motivated.... to having motivation level -3. I thought, I can be on insano busy mode for a year, but more than that is pushing it. So I started to type my thoughts out to my school mentor, and it kind of solved itself in my head. OF COURSE I WANT TO GET MY DEGREE!! I want it bad. So yesterday and today I got back on the horse. Clean house. Lots of school getting done. Feeling Fab.

Last Monday was also my first outside run of the year. I have been doing my workout videos pretty regularly but I hadn't been ready to brave the cold. That is until I got a running buddy!! She kicked my toosh the first run. I thought my appendix had burst after about 10 steps in. I am serious people. THE WORST side ache I have ever had in my life. But that is why a running buddy is awesome, you feel too embarrassed to stop. So I ran through it, and lived- pinterest fitness quotes running through my head. My favorites are, "your legs aren't giving out, your head is. Keep going." As well as, " I don't stop when I'm tired, I stop when I'm done. We are on our way to a 10k my friends.

In baking news, I tried a new recipe for lemon poppyseed muffins, and everyone kept asking me what mix I used. I made them from scratch. And I didn't know whether to be flattered or offended by that.

Also is every one else just dying for spring to get here, because I am. Obviously my skin tone is too, because my mom told me " Honey your looking a little green. Or maybe I'm not used to seeing you this pale." I am uberly pasty. Today was the first Sunday I didn't wear some form of opaque tights to church and I found myself even a little startled by how much viatamin D I am in need of. Fear not though, I have written off tanning beds. I am pretty sure I tanned enough my junior and senior year of high school to make up for the rest of my life.

Off to bed, I need my rest because this is going to be the most productive week of my life.


Thursday, March 1, 2012


I haven't been legitimately stressed out in months and months. The last time I wanted to punch someone from stress was when I was leaving Ukraine, and we were being hassled by printers running out of paper and them having to resort to handwritten receipts. So I hassled the airport personel right back. In turn, I ended up being the only one in my group who had to pay for my luggage. Congrats for being assertive, huh? I don't know what the moral of that story is. I just really wanted to get on that flight.

Anyways, back to stress- in some odd way I missed it. And it is back in the form of SCHOOL and working full time-ish, and finding time in there to bake things and make dinner and keep my little casa reasonably clean and jump around to my sweet excersize videos. I even got a little face blemish... ( I refuse to call it a zit), from stress. And I was proud of it. Stress gives me more energy and an attack life attitude. And high blood pressure. Or is that the diet coke?

I don't know what this blog is about. I wear a shower cap.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Last week was pretty insane. My little brother got his mission call to Brazil, and we found out that my mom's baby is a healthy little girl ( due in July). On a more random note my husband got a knarly cat bite and threw out his back ( no worries, he is ok now, minus a vampire-esque wound on his hand). To say last week was insane is innacurate I suppose, because all those events occurred in one day. I am so excited for my little brother, and for my mom. Also for me, because I was the only one who believed that baby was a girl, and because uhh I've been slightly baby obsessed my entire life. Not joking. So you should all be impressed my my self control and willingness to finish school before I start bringing beautiful babies into the world.

I am super excited about going back to school. The school is WGU, and they aren't even paying me to say this ( maybe they should?) but it is SO PERFECT. Independent. At my own pace. Clear and consise. I have my own personal mentor, who mentors me. It's like every aspect of school that I detest is GONE. Group projects. Sitting in class. Walking up giant hills to get home from class in 2 feet of snow. Lack of my own personal mentor. You see? It is perfect. I always thought that online school woudn't feel real. Well news, it does.

It feels especially real when I have to dust off skills that I learned in the 3rd grade. Or didn't learn. I have a theory that I moved elementary schools so much that there are vital building blocks missing out of my education in the math department. Elliott taught me PEMDAS last year. And I never learned to read Roman numerals. Worry not, though everyone. Because I am an elementary education major and will review/ learn for the first time all of it. And will proceed teach it to your children.

I feel like this post needs a picture.

oh hey it is my baby sis! : D


Monday, February 13, 2012


I love road trips. Probably because it involves spending extensive amounts of time reading, snacking, and wearing yoga pants, which happen to be a 3 of my favorite things. Anywhoo, mom, my little sis, and my older brother and i took off last thursday to see my little brother wrestle his last home match at UVU. My brother is a stud if I haven't mentioned that before. Look at the kid, winning stuff.

The matches were super intense. I don't really get into sports. Pretty much I couldn't care less at all. But when my little brother is wrestling I become like one of those super aggressive and overly loud sports parents, yelling and the top of my lungs and shaking my fists and whatnot. In fact, it is hard not to when the whole auditorium stands up with you and starts chanting "BRIAN, BRIAN!!" It was pretty epic. I am so happy I got to go.

We had a wonderful time filled with shopping, LOTS of laughing, delicious food, and getting to spend time with all of my siblings together!

We drove all day yesterday to get home, and it is good to be back in my own bed with the hubs
: )


Wednesday, February 8, 2012



I am so happy!

also a new episode of New Girl came out on hulu,
i have a diet coke in the fridge,
and it snowed this morning.
and i got a scholarship!! ( which is seriously wonderful because i really put my heart into my essay)

It is a good day.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

my week

Our chicken coop has two parts, one is a nice little cozy shed with their laying boxes and roosting shelf and heat lamp, and the part where they can go out their little door and frolic in the fenced off outdoor portion. We free them completely on nice days so they can wander about and do whatever chickens like to do. Anywhoo, one day this week when the chickens were wandering about freely, our smarty pants Mel snuck in through the open door of the outside portion, and crawled in through their tiny door to the shed part, and took the eggs! She likes to break them open and eat the inside. While this was a pretty impressive feat, we couldn't be completely surprised, because the dog also decided last summer that she likes corn, and would hold it down with her paw, and husk it with her mouth, and then munch on corn cob after corn cob. She will even eat raspberries right off the plant. Sometimes when she sneaks food I can't even be mad because it is so impressively sneaky.

In other news, you should be pleased to know that I refrained from accosting someone in the dreaded parking lot of wal-mart. My patience for people was low at the end of a long day at work, and as I am walking in, I see this man ram his shopping cart up onto the curb so that he wouldn't have to put it away. This would be lazy act in and of itself, but the cart collector was RIGHT BEHIND HIM!! So before he could shut himself in his car, I said "REALLY!?" , and I proceeded to make a big scene of somewhat violently dragging his cart off the curb and putting it back in it's rightful place. I don't know why I just shared that with you. Maybe I just feel somewhat proud of righting small social injustices and scaring the crap out of complete strangers...?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

how to ruin sunday dinner: clam chowder edition

1) Saute bacon and onion and garlic

2) Add clams, clam juice,water, potatoes

3) simmer until potatoes are cooked

3.5) sing some ace of base as you do a little kitchen dance putting ingredients together

4) not check the date on the cream you are about to dump in and ruin the entire pot instantly. one word: EXPIRED.

5) Have husband call his family ( because you are too ashamed) to tell them that they are on their own for dinner, sorry.

6) lay down defeated on the couch and talk about your feelings to your dog, they are more sympathetic than husbands.

7) when you have mustered up motivation, go feed ruined clam chowder to random animals of the farm, and clean up the giant mess you made trying to make a yummy meal for your in laws.

8) laugh about it 5 years from now? I hope so.


Thursday, January 26, 2012


first and foremost my mexican sweater arrived this week in all of it's bulky knitted glory. i used my birthday moneys from my sweet momma and bought a few of the things off of my pretend shopping spree. Elliott hates the thing, but I ADORE it. It's like a blanket that you can wear in public.

Since Elliott and I have been married we have purchased a number of "investments"... such as a commercial size freezer that I could seriously walk around in (we got a good deal, and it will be nice to store fruit and vegetables before the farmers market, or for canning or jam making), our grill, which I really wanted for us, and this huge food dehydrator. Elliott also tries to sneak his insano gun into the "investment" category, but I think it fits better as a "frivolous toy"... ha ha. Anywhoo, meet food dehydrator. Currently we are drying a costco load of bananas. This summer it will be like dried fruit heaven at the goodrich residence between apples and plums and pears and fruit leather.. mmmmm i am excited. I hope these bananas taste as yummy as they are making our house smell.


Monday, January 23, 2012


Husband and I slept terribley last night. He blames me, I blame the horrifying wolves that were chasing me around in my dream. We have separate comforters because one of us tends to be a blanket hog ( can you guess?) , and i have to sleep with mine from college, because it is THE most snuggley thing in the entire world. I woke up cuddled next to him sneaking his blanket, and mine was kicked down to the bottom of the bed in a pile. On the bright side, I kicked around so much last night I didn't even need to work out this morning, ha ha. I tell Hubs we always need to see the positive.

For dinner I made ( Elliott helped : D ) spaghetti with white clam sauce. For all those who love butter and garlic, make this. SO easy ( we are talking 10 minutes easy) . So fantastic. Recipe here. The picture is wrong on the website, but the recipe is right.


Sunday, January 22, 2012


On Sundays, Elliott and I teach the 3 year olds at church. We got a new group in January, and it has been quite the adjustment for the little ones, and Elliott and I's different management styles in the kiddo department have become apparent. I am the coddler. I will admit it. It brings me as much joy to comfort the kiddos as it does for them to be comforted. If the little tot wants to sit on my lap the entire time, and cries when I sit them in their own little chair, then that tot will sit on my lap the whole time. Elliott is the discipline. And I shouldn't even say that, because the kids love him. He just takes the whole, just let them cry it out approach. And that works, too. The kid cries for a little bit, cheers up, and then is as happy as a clam in a matter of minutes. He gave them a pep talk at the end of class today for next Sunday, about how we are big kids now, and big kids don't cry, and how we can have a lot of fun (and eat lots of teddy grahams) if we listen to teacher and raise our hand. The man is going to be a great father. They have a lot of potential, our little sunbeam class.

We are also trying to train Mel to stay in the laundry room without the baby gait up. We tried it for the first time today. I gave her two minutes. It took one for her to sneak out into the living room all stealth like, and another five for Elliott to give in and let her in his office. She is the best behaved dog, and also the smartest. And very cute.


Thursday, January 19, 2012


It was time to bust out my trusty sorel boots today. Not only do they keep my feet dry, but when I wear them I feel the need to tromp through the largest snow drifts just because I can. That is how intense they are.

Work was pretty slow seeing how most people still busy digging themselves out of their driveways, so it gave me time to devour a book. Sarah's Key. It's heart wrenching. And quite good.

I got home and Hubs was using the ice cream maker that I got him for christmas to make a divine custard ice cream with candied pecans. Oh my. So creamy. A good investment I would say, that ice cream maker.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm 21!

Elliott had a alfalfa seed conference in Las Vegas over the weekend! I decided it would be a nice little getaway for the two of us. And it was. We had a great time roller coaster riding, looking at all of the cool hotels and seeing all the little attractions along the way. Like the little baby lions in the MGM, so cute! We celebrated my birthday with a massive sushi meal and flew back last night. We had a wonderful time but it is good to be home!! And it looks like I will get to build a snowman after all. Let it snoww!!