Friday, April 13, 2012

halfsies marathon

I am reading this running article about how it is important to stay hydrated for runs longer than 45 minutes. In cross country in high school, we would just jog onto people's laws and drink out of their hoses, and on hot days our coach would meet us with a cooler of water, and we would throw half of it at each other. So now that I don't have any neighbors to steal hose water from, it becomes really technical. There is so much running gear you could have. What happened to just running shoes and the open road? Or maybe that was never a thing, maybe I didn't know anything about running besides that I was pretty fast on a good day. So now I am looking at running belts with cute little water bottles and special sports gels, and the only thing I am thinking is... " how much can I stuff into my sports bra?" Maybe a gel pack or two, but if I want to bring along water we are going to have to go up a cup size. Or maybe buy a bra that comes in cup sizes as opposed to same ones that I have had since the 9th grade that came in a 5 pack at wal-mart, eh?

Look how cute this is! I could pack a small lunch in there! Hook some mace on the strap. I'd be set.

Speaking of cute, does it get any cuter than this little kitty baby?

Not much my friends, not much.
Also I kind of went all midwife when this little guy was born.. And saved it. So, I love this one a little extra.


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