Friday, April 20, 2012

visualizing the halfsie.

The gun fires. We take off. I feel peaceful and calm and strong. I feel happy in my new purple athletic top and running capris. The purple says, you are a powerful lady. You will demolish this race. We find our place with a pack of other women who have a decent pace. We stick with them for the first 5 miles or so. And then, We pick them off. One by one. I think about how tired I am and slowing down, so I push myself harder. I think thoughts like, " She believed she could, so she did" and "you're legs aren't giving out, your head is, keep going." And other quotes I found on pinterest. At the water pit stop I grab some, and poor it all over my face really dramatically and hope some gets in my mouth (just kidding.... mainly.) The miles go by faster than expected. MILE 12! AND WE ATTACK! Our fastest mile! We pick all the middle aged women off! Our legs feel like jello and we may puke but we fight it till the joyful end. AND SPRINNTTT IT IN!!! We cross the finish line!! I put my hands up and do my little "woo!!" thing that I do at the end of all our long runs! I hug the RBJ! WE HAVE DONE IT!! Nobody wets their pants!! And if they do we don't say anything about it!! We are happy. We are accomplished. We ran a half marathon.

I wish I could get this psyched about my diversity and inclusion paper.


also I know it may seem that all my posts are about running, or baby cats, or my sweet online education. it's because they are. that is kind of my life right now.

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