Monday, April 2, 2012

my week

We went to dinner and my handsome spouse ate a steak bigger than his face.
Pretty much I think the word spouse is hilarious.
I love to grab him around the waist and say... "GOTCHA YOU BIG SPOUSE!"
At which point he would carry me off and tickle torture me untill I beg for mercy.
Marriage is fun.

Conference at Grandma's! A nice photo of the potholes for you.
Casserole, brownies, and the voice of the prophets were enjoyed by all.

I made sweet & sour meatballs and hubs said these were the best yet!

Anddd Melly and I weeded the garden. Obviously whilst wearing my infamous pink sweatpants that I have had since my freshman year of high school. My plants and I have bonded. Those are my plants, and the weeds had better watch out. We will not be growing corn this year. And I am not sad. In fact I probably bagged enough last summer to last 10 years, remember? In quart bags. Which I didn't think about as being a thing at the time. But it is a thing. When are two people going to sit down and eat a quart of corn? Was I planning on putting corn in every meal for a week? I know not. Even though I will miss having an excuse to prowl around the stalks and thin them with a machete. That was pretty entertaining.

Running buddy Jamie , ( who I shall herafter refer to as RBJ), and I ran a 10k ( the picture counts our warm up and warm down)!! It was a major milestone for me and I was SO SO happy when we finished. This week we will sign up for our beautiful half marathon!! I am so excited.


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  1. Kayla Bug!!! I must say I LOVE your blog! It is most entertaining. Oh and I miss our frosting eating school nights laying around in our comfy pants talking about what we should do the next day. The end! Love ya much!