Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Freezer Corn

The deed is done. I picked, shucked, rinsed, blanched and bagged. There are 21 quarts of frozen corn in the freezer. The equivalent of 2 wheelbarrows full!

Also. I had a cold, and I honestly think the humidity from all the boiling happening was the best thing for my sinuses ever.

Things You Need to Survive Corn Bagging:

1) Comfy pants. Domestic endeavors such as these are no place for your skinny jeans. Husband will never believe that leggings are real pants. But,he never lived in Ukraine. I can say with surety that leggings are a lot more real than some of the "pants" that I saw on the streets of Kiev.

2) A form of diety cola beverage. Well actually that is just a necessity for everyday.

3) Some good tunes. Not too good, though. You have to remember where you are at ( you know, dealing with large vats of boiling water and sharp knives). I have a tendency to bust out in somewhat impressive dance moves all over my kitchen. So avoid tragedy. Stay mainly calm. Pandora station Adele is what I have been loving lately. Maybe some John Mayer. You know? Keep it chill.

4) Maybe hire some neighbors. Hire one as a bag holder. One as a cleaner upper. One to give you moral support. I did it myself. It can be done. It wasn't the most fun but in the words of Elliott, " It's called being an adult."


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  1. Hahaha! I can totally see you bustin a move while canning corn! I'm glad you're feeling better. And yes, diet coke is a daily necessity :) ps we should talk more often yes? It was so great to hear from you :)