Saturday, April 27, 2013

new things & stuff

SPRING! I thought about spring cleaning but the task was too daunting so we just moved instead. False. We did move. But I spring cleaned till I dropped. You never know how much stuff you actually have until you have to carry it in bus bins next door. Seriously though. SO  MUCH. Life lesson #104 : Have less stuff.

The new house is lovely, I feel extremely blessed. Between the new house smell and the dishwasher I am pretty much in heaven, if you recall how for the last two years I have been washing our dishes by hand. My father in law described me as a little girl in a new play house. Very accurate. It's so fun to arrange things and clean a house that actually sparkles when you shine it.

Other new things on the farm are the 10 kittens that happened in our shop 5 weeks ago! 2 momma cats had babies a day apart from each other.  I could not have made up cuter kittens in my mind. Long haired siamese babies? Are we kidding? All the sudden my black farm cat just starts birthing designer breeds, you know? It is pretty fantastic.

I am still plugging away at school ( read: getting really fed up with it and staying up late each night to finish at last!!). I got my student teaching assignment! I will be in the 3rd grade and I am really excited to start a new adventure!

Elliott and I have been working in the garden and orchard! This week I hacked away at monster weeds in order to even find our dwarf trees. It's like the secret orchard. All hidden. With weeds. Hopefully with some spray and my hoe we will be able to tame it down over there, but the garden is looking nice and showing promise! At least the seeds Elliott planted... they are you know, sprouting and doing plant stuffs, while mine just, you know, want to hide out in the ground for longer. Totally normal I am sure.

so here is to secret orchards and kitten overload! And blogging again!