Sunday, November 3, 2013

week 23

I always get excited to check what fruit size my baby is this week. Even if the fruit sizes are entirely illogical and out of order. What kind of grapefruit is larger than a papaya?

Here is the revised version of week 23 by yours truly.

You baby is a giant beautiful grapefruit. As are your boobs which have tripled in size over the last 4 months.  Congratulations. Baby is compromising your lung capacity and making it difficult to bend over to put your shoes on. Baby is stretching your heart capacity. You didn't know you could love your little belly kicker so much. You can now SEE your baby kicking, and watch her body shift in your stomach in large waves. You might think that if your belly grows one more half inch, it might just break open. It won't. I hope. You will probably start to get ligament stretching pain and think that you are dying for one minute spurts at a time when you change positions like from sitting to standing. You will survive that, too. You are probably also obsessing over baby things like cribs and ruffled sleep and play's from Osh Kosh that are covered in kitties, balloons, and all manner of adorable. You may also find yourself craving only lemon flavored things and find yourself pondering the side effects of eating caesar salad dressing plain. DON'T DO IT!! Put that on a salad girl!

Ultimately I don't know where this is going but I need to go do my school work.

ps.. here is a sunday belly shot. it was a rough morning with my dress zipper away on business in the DRC, but somehow we managed.