Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sometimes I make snickerdoodle cookies because Elliott likes them and I think they are pretty gross. Happy husband. Skinny wife. Taa daaa.

sometimes our text conversations look like this:

me: I made you snickerdoodles!

husband: Wonderful. If I were home I would pat you on the head and say, good wife.

me: *tossing cookies in trash*

husband: please no!!

love language: banter.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Freezer Corn

The deed is done. I picked, shucked, rinsed, blanched and bagged. There are 21 quarts of frozen corn in the freezer. The equivalent of 2 wheelbarrows full!

Also. I had a cold, and I honestly think the humidity from all the boiling happening was the best thing for my sinuses ever.

Things You Need to Survive Corn Bagging:

1) Comfy pants. Domestic endeavors such as these are no place for your skinny jeans. Husband will never believe that leggings are real pants. But,he never lived in Ukraine. I can say with surety that leggings are a lot more real than some of the "pants" that I saw on the streets of Kiev.

2) A form of diety cola beverage. Well actually that is just a necessity for everyday.

3) Some good tunes. Not too good, though. You have to remember where you are at ( you know, dealing with large vats of boiling water and sharp knives). I have a tendency to bust out in somewhat impressive dance moves all over my kitchen. So avoid tragedy. Stay mainly calm. Pandora station Adele is what I have been loving lately. Maybe some John Mayer. You know? Keep it chill.

4) Maybe hire some neighbors. Hire one as a bag holder. One as a cleaner upper. One to give you moral support. I did it myself. It can be done. It wasn't the most fun but in the words of Elliott, " It's called being an adult."


Monday, September 5, 2011

Canning Peaches

Today my grandma and mom taught my little sis and I how to can peaches! I feel like my blog name should be temporarily changed to 800 different things to do with peaches... tomorrow... freezing peaches.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fresh Peach Pie

My sweet mother in law taught me how to make pie crusts last week.
And I am so proud that I can do it all by myself now!! Look at that I didn't have to make awkward patches or anything : D
Thankkk you Brenda!

Good thing too, because Elliott bought tons peaches at the farmers market in hopes that I would make this. It is his favorite. It is so delicious... freshly whipped cream on top. Ohh my.