Wednesday, November 16, 2011

let it snoww

You know it's a good day when 2 minutes after you decide that it's time for christmas music it starts to snow!!! I opened the curtains to enjoy the falling flakes, and busted out into a celebratory dance.. and husband closed them again so that no one could see me being uncouth. Or because he wanted to keep my moves all to himself. Probably that one.

best christmas music: pandora's swingin christmas radio.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

since when.

Since when do I listen to NPR, have pet cats ( outdoors, don't worry), and tolerate bbq sauce? Marriage changes people.

Also, remember the cute little piggies from this post? Well, they now reside in our two new freezers all neatly packaged and labeled. I didn't know how I would feel about eating livestock that we raise, but I just try not to think about it. Because they are really delicious. I tell the hubs it's because I fed them cookies.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

potatoes and other exciting things

Once upon a time I got a job pulling vines off a conveyor belt full of potatoes for 3 weeks. In the meantime I forgot how to cook, relax (ok, maybe not that), and apparently blog.

A day in the life of a potato viner: pull vines, dirt clods, rocks, oozy rotten potatoes and the occasional mouse off the belt for 1o min, sit for 5 while another truck pulls up ( in my case READ.... I read every Bloomberg Business Week and every Economist we have received since we've been married) stand up, repeat 5O TIMES. 12 hours a day. 6 days a week. At the beginning of the last week I had a freak dishes accident. My hand got cut open by a broken glass, which lead to a nice trip to the ER, and 4 stitches. STITCHES ARE GROSS. So is returning to work the following day. Anywhoo, I am FINISHED and I feel very accomplished. I forgot how good it feels to get a paycheck.

Then I subbed at a bilingual kindergarten for a week. And it was so fun! Mainly because I got to sub during field trip week. Getting paid go to the pumpkin patch, sing songs and play games is pretty ideal.

Now I am back to the housewife life, delivering husband lunches out on the combine, power walking on ditch roads, and dusting off my domestic skills. Because guess who cooked while I was working? Uh my amazing gourmet chef husband of course. He's so good.

That's all for now. Domestic Goddesses (in training) have to sleep, too.