Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mom Day

Shopping for baby clothes is the most enjoyable form of shopping. I joke not. Pink kitty feet pajamas. Rompers. Ruffle butt leggings. Everything looks adorable on a chubby little baby, the more ridiculous the better! I spent the day shopping with my mom and getting things that she needs for her little bundle of joy, and many things that she doesn't "need" but I couldn't put down. Lets be real, everyone loves shopping for baby showers and having an excuse to look at the baby things. I just want the kid to have everything, and even got crazy in target and grabbed a giant bear off the shelf and dumped it in my mom's cart and ran off. "BUY ALL THE STUFF!!" It is good to know now that I have little to no self control in the baby department for future reference.

After all that, the only thing that looked appealing to me were sweatpants. That happens when my sis and I go shopping sometimes. Dressing room mirrors are just the living worst. Or maybe it was that everything seemed blah in contrast to everything with ruffles and bows and elephants all over it. I had all these great intentions but the only things that called out to me were flannel and had elastic waistbands. That is when you should probably leave the mall. And go to hobby lobby!! Something about being in there makes me want to paint my own birdhouse , sew some curtains and take up oil painting. And live there. Oh, the lobby of hobbies.

It was a wonderful day with my mom! We ate sushi and laughed like school children. I am so grateful for my Momma time.


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