Sunday, April 22, 2012

coffee cake

Our little 3 year olds that we teach in church crack me up about every 5 minutes. Elliott has them trained when he asks, " Who is the boss?" They point to him and say "you're the number one boss" and they point at me and say "that is the number two boss". Ha ha! They are so sweet, I get more compliments from them than anyone. We were playing duck duck goose ( which they almost have a solid understanding of) and one little girl touches my eye lashes and says, " I like your.. these". They say the darndest things. They have taught Elliott and I so much, I adore them.

It was a lovely Sunday. I made coffee cake for breakfast, and we had a leisurely morning and took off to church. Elliott laid a blanket out on the lawn when we got back and read a book. Which didn't last long as alone time because I came out, and then melly dog trotted on over and tried to cuddle. She loves family time. We had dinner at the in laws and took husband's grandparents on a field trip of Elliott's current projects. I am so excited about our orchard, and grateful for my hardworking husband who manages to do everything that he does. And look fine while he does it.

Goodbye weekend!

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  1. I just decided Elliott is the coolest kid ever. I'm now going to try to train people to answer that when I ask them who's the boss. Genius!