Monday, May 21, 2012

that which does not kill you

The half marathon was everything I wanted it to be!! From the perfect weather to the scenic trail and my awesome running buddy, to my sweet hydration belt , it was a great experience!! The miles went by fast! The river front park bell tower struck nine o clock during our last half mile, so we had the loud bells ringing  in the background as we finished up! It was pretty epic! It is amazing how far we have come, and I am so happy that Jamie and I got to do our training together every step of the way and cross that finish line together! I could never have done it without her! Our families at the finish line just made it complete!! I felt so grateful to have them there, it really made it a special experience. I felt really well prepared and glad that we were really stuck to our training schedule. It is hard to believe that less than two months ago I thought I was going to die running a two miler. Such is life though, you never know what you can do until you try! And, no one went to the bathroom in their pants!  YES! Here's to pepto bismol!

And while I am doing shout outs, here is to the random 30 min massage coupon that I got off my pizza at papa johns a few weeks ago! I felt like it might have been slightly sketchy but I thought hey, if it was, I could always just run out of there! And it wasn't! It was professional and lovely. That lady found knots I never knew I had. I must have reached my free massage quota from Elliott when we were dating because now I have to outsource. Pshfft.

Speaking of that man that I love, we have done a ton of work it our garden!! It is all planted!! We will have way more produce then we know what to do with and have to can through the night for several days a wonderful harvest! I can't wait. I really do love working out there though with that guy.

p.s. isn't the sign that running buddy's family made the cutest ever?! It made me tear up. Her little ones are adorable.


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  1. Did you run this in Spokane? if so I'm sooo jealous!!