Thursday, June 7, 2012


Life has been pretty sweet as of late. Red strawberries eaten by the handful out of our garden, listening to the rain tap on our windows as we go to sleep all snuggled up, and big beautiful peonies growing in Elliott's grandmothers garden that I bring in to brighten up my little kitchen. So what if I have to mop and dust twice as much as the average woman with all the dust and mud that comes with country life, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

We got our new pigs on Tuesday. I know that I can't get attached but I still like to go and visit them. The little black one comes right up and tries to knaw on my shoe and puts his little pig feet up on the straw bale where I sit and gets his cute little snout all over my pants trying to eat those, too. He adores belly rubs. And chocolate chip cookies.

I have got an upgrade in the job department : ) I now work at a doctors office. Elliott always told me to look for better opportunities and that I did. In fact, really think it is the best job I could ask for at this point.  I really love it! I still have a lot to learn, but I love feeling like what I am doing matters. I love answering phones and feeling official saying things like " got that file?" and  "so and so on line one". I even bought slacks. That is how official I felt. I love having coworkers and drawer stashed with chocolate and being around fellow receptionist diet coke addicts like myself.  I work afternoons, so I have the mornings to myself to run and work in the garden and do my school work and do some cleaning around the house. I just wish I didn't need 9 hours of sleep a night there were more hours in the day!!


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