Thursday, April 5, 2012


Meet Sandwich, formally known as Ice Cream Sandwich. He or she ( who even knows) was born last night and is one of 4 fuzzy babies.

I have never seen kittens being born, or anything for that matter, so it was quite the vomit inspiring experience for my little sis and I. However, it is amazing how this cat who isn't much more than a kitten herself has all of these instincts and is such a good mommy already. Look at that baby, already moving around at less than a day old! I could spend hours just watching the little fuzzies meow around. Oh wait, I did.

Which is why I am even more pleased to announce that I accomplished things today! I finished a paper and got it turned in ( the LIVING WORST PAPER EVER, I might add), took my final math exam and ran 5 miles with the amazing RBJ! In the snow. In April. And then since I did my laundry on warm, I got an icy cold shower. Clean clothes... hypothermia... you win some you loose some I guess.


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