Thursday, April 12, 2012

the week of the missing hubs

As Elliott was packing up to leave ( and I was hiding lovey dovey sticky notes in his suit case when he wasn't looking), I mentioned to him that I have never spent more than a weekend by myself. Since he was leaving for 9 days it was kind of intimidating. There was a lot of cereal for dinner, a grand portion of my evenings spent at my mom's house, and a lot of, "melly dog? did you hear that?" when trying to go to bed by myself at night. Mel spent most nights posted right outside my bedroom door, that is until I'd fall asleep and she would sneak onto the couch! Bad Mel. There was lots to keep me busy though, between my morning runs, work, school, and me incessantly going over to my mom's to see the baby fuzzy kittens.

I tried not to worry about Elliott in Ghana ( he was there checking out a few friend's farms), and looked forward to his skype calls. I think it is really interesting to be on your own for a while, because without the expectations of your spouse, you really see what is important to you. Turns out, meals are not, but is clean house is for me. And I was actually better at getting out of bed since there wasn't anyone all warm to snuggle up to when I woke up.

I am happy to have the man back, even if it does mean cooking legitimate meals and folding two people's laundry instead of one. People said, oh you must be so lonely! But the thing is I kind of crave solitude from time to time, and I don't think you have to feel lonely just because you are by yourself. Sometimes it is nice to miss someone, and be missed.

Plus now I get all giddy when I see him like a high schooler and just want to maul him with hugs : )


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  1. Joe was only home for six (six!) days last I get ya. I totally agree that sometimes it's nice to get some alone time (I take a lot of baths when Joe's home more often) and that what's important to you always comes out. Meals are also not important to me (tonight I had cantaloupe for dinner) and I always do all of the laundry and ironing (because then I get to watch whatever I want while doing it). Next time Elliott is gone I should come to ML (bc chances are Joe is gone) and we can party!