Monday, February 13, 2012


I love road trips. Probably because it involves spending extensive amounts of time reading, snacking, and wearing yoga pants, which happen to be a 3 of my favorite things. Anywhoo, mom, my little sis, and my older brother and i took off last thursday to see my little brother wrestle his last home match at UVU. My brother is a stud if I haven't mentioned that before. Look at the kid, winning stuff.

The matches were super intense. I don't really get into sports. Pretty much I couldn't care less at all. But when my little brother is wrestling I become like one of those super aggressive and overly loud sports parents, yelling and the top of my lungs and shaking my fists and whatnot. In fact, it is hard not to when the whole auditorium stands up with you and starts chanting "BRIAN, BRIAN!!" It was pretty epic. I am so happy I got to go.

We had a wonderful time filled with shopping, LOTS of laughing, delicious food, and getting to spend time with all of my siblings together!

We drove all day yesterday to get home, and it is good to be back in my own bed with the hubs
: )


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