Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Last week was pretty insane. My little brother got his mission call to Brazil, and we found out that my mom's baby is a healthy little girl ( due in July). On a more random note my husband got a knarly cat bite and threw out his back ( no worries, he is ok now, minus a vampire-esque wound on his hand). To say last week was insane is innacurate I suppose, because all those events occurred in one day. I am so excited for my little brother, and for my mom. Also for me, because I was the only one who believed that baby was a girl, and because uhh I've been slightly baby obsessed my entire life. Not joking. So you should all be impressed my my self control and willingness to finish school before I start bringing beautiful babies into the world.

I am super excited about going back to school. The school is WGU, and they aren't even paying me to say this ( maybe they should?) but it is SO PERFECT. Independent. At my own pace. Clear and consise. I have my own personal mentor, who mentors me. It's like every aspect of school that I detest is GONE. Group projects. Sitting in class. Walking up giant hills to get home from class in 2 feet of snow. Lack of my own personal mentor. You see? It is perfect. I always thought that online school woudn't feel real. Well news, it does.

It feels especially real when I have to dust off skills that I learned in the 3rd grade. Or didn't learn. I have a theory that I moved elementary schools so much that there are vital building blocks missing out of my education in the math department. Elliott taught me PEMDAS last year. And I never learned to read Roman numerals. Worry not, though everyone. Because I am an elementary education major and will review/ learn for the first time all of it. And will proceed teach it to your children.

I feel like this post needs a picture.

oh hey it is my baby sis! : D


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