Saturday, March 17, 2012

cake pop math

Today my running buddy and I conquered 4 miles! We have only been running for 2 weeks and I am really proud of us. So I celebrated by eating 4 cake pops that I made last night with my chics at craft night. You would think, oh, it's like 4 cute bites of cake. Untill you realize how it is done, and then you know that it is condensed smooshed up cake with frosting to hold it together... like an entire piece of cake smooshed into a one inch sphere... so it's really like I ate a half a real cake if you do your cake pop math properly. And if you did it really proper then you know that cake pop x 4= nausea and regret. Only emphasized by the fact that I made alfredo for dinner...( It was SO GOOD. I know it was more hilarious to read of my epic failures as a dinner maker, but I am Kayla The Competent Cook now... and husband likes that better) Did I just turn a paragraph about running into devouring unholy amounts of food? What a contradiction.

Anyways, Melly dog and I just got done writing my paper first paper for school! Mel contributed by providing cuddles and smashing her paw onto the keyboard when she didn't like an idea ( but really when she wasn't being adequately cuddled) Yes, Mel was a farm dog, but try telling her that now, all fancy in her pink collar with her very own dishes in my laundry room (I've created a monster) She is old and I take pity on her, and she is smart enough to know.

Anywhoo, it is bed time for this running, cake pop eating, paper writing, dog spoiling lady.


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  1. okay, i REALLY need to make these cake pops. they look absolutely delicious!!
    xo TJ