Sunday, January 29, 2012

how to ruin sunday dinner: clam chowder edition

1) Saute bacon and onion and garlic

2) Add clams, clam juice,water, potatoes

3) simmer until potatoes are cooked

3.5) sing some ace of base as you do a little kitchen dance putting ingredients together

4) not check the date on the cream you are about to dump in and ruin the entire pot instantly. one word: EXPIRED.

5) Have husband call his family ( because you are too ashamed) to tell them that they are on their own for dinner, sorry.

6) lay down defeated on the couch and talk about your feelings to your dog, they are more sympathetic than husbands.

7) when you have mustered up motivation, go feed ruined clam chowder to random animals of the farm, and clean up the giant mess you made trying to make a yummy meal for your in laws.

8) laugh about it 5 years from now? I hope so.


1 comment:

  1. hahaha, well you def brought a smile to my face!!! this is so funny!! better impress a lot for the next fam dinner :)

    love K