Monday, January 23, 2012


Husband and I slept terribley last night. He blames me, I blame the horrifying wolves that were chasing me around in my dream. We have separate comforters because one of us tends to be a blanket hog ( can you guess?) , and i have to sleep with mine from college, because it is THE most snuggley thing in the entire world. I woke up cuddled next to him sneaking his blanket, and mine was kicked down to the bottom of the bed in a pile. On the bright side, I kicked around so much last night I didn't even need to work out this morning, ha ha. I tell Hubs we always need to see the positive.

For dinner I made ( Elliott helped : D ) spaghetti with white clam sauce. For all those who love butter and garlic, make this. SO easy ( we are talking 10 minutes easy) . So fantastic. Recipe here. The picture is wrong on the website, but the recipe is right.


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