Friday, January 13, 2012

you might be a new wife if

-this is still true
(I hope someday to be good at both)

-you've worn an apron over your pj's, and proceeded to forget about it and climb in bed with it on.

- you wake up each morning still surprised that there is a man in your bed

- when you are taking a bath you can't completely relax because you see spots you missed last time you gave the tub a good scrubbing

- realizing that you are so concerned that your significant other has clean clothes that you wake up and realize you are out of clean pants. dress up day at work it is!

- you still hate knowing he can hear you go pee so you sing to cover it up

-you've thought.. oh man what's for dinner...and then realized, "oh no! that's my job!!"

-you miss just making out

- every gift you get is a cook book

-you're life has never been better : )


pics are my kitchen decor. that i love.

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