Friday, January 13, 2012

chocolate chip failure

I made cookies last week and they turned out..... well they didn't turn out... One batch was sunken in and the next was too puffy. It was an anomaly ( i swear!). It has become clear that I have walked under a ladder that has given me 7 years of bad cookie luck. There are lots of ladders around the farm.

Anywhoo, I decided that I would bake cookies until I had the perfect batch. No such luck. So tonight, husband made cookies. He even followed the recipe all wrong and had to improvise, and they still turned out to be a standard chocolate chip cookie without major flaw. What is this!? The same happened with snickerdoodles months ago. Which really isn't fair. He's the man. He can't be good at my job. Yet the evidence remains. The husband reigns as top baker in our household.

Did he force me to write this post? Yes. Maybe he should start a blog called " The Smug Baker"....nobake cookies have always been my favorite anyway.


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  1. I know how you feel. When i am here in rexburg my cookies NEVER turn out. Its so annoying!