Sunday, January 22, 2012


On Sundays, Elliott and I teach the 3 year olds at church. We got a new group in January, and it has been quite the adjustment for the little ones, and Elliott and I's different management styles in the kiddo department have become apparent. I am the coddler. I will admit it. It brings me as much joy to comfort the kiddos as it does for them to be comforted. If the little tot wants to sit on my lap the entire time, and cries when I sit them in their own little chair, then that tot will sit on my lap the whole time. Elliott is the discipline. And I shouldn't even say that, because the kids love him. He just takes the whole, just let them cry it out approach. And that works, too. The kid cries for a little bit, cheers up, and then is as happy as a clam in a matter of minutes. He gave them a pep talk at the end of class today for next Sunday, about how we are big kids now, and big kids don't cry, and how we can have a lot of fun (and eat lots of teddy grahams) if we listen to teacher and raise our hand. The man is going to be a great father. They have a lot of potential, our little sunbeam class.

We are also trying to train Mel to stay in the laundry room without the baby gait up. We tried it for the first time today. I gave her two minutes. It took one for her to sneak out into the living room all stealth like, and another five for Elliott to give in and let her in his office. She is the best behaved dog, and also the smartest. And very cute.


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