Thursday, January 19, 2012


It was time to bust out my trusty sorel boots today. Not only do they keep my feet dry, but when I wear them I feel the need to tromp through the largest snow drifts just because I can. That is how intense they are.

Work was pretty slow seeing how most people still busy digging themselves out of their driveways, so it gave me time to devour a book. Sarah's Key. It's heart wrenching. And quite good.

I got home and Hubs was using the ice cream maker that I got him for christmas to make a divine custard ice cream with candied pecans. Oh my. So creamy. A good investment I would say, that ice cream maker.



  1. Sarah's key is a super good book! Super sad

  2. Those books look so comfy! And homemade icecream sounds delish.