Thursday, January 26, 2012


first and foremost my mexican sweater arrived this week in all of it's bulky knitted glory. i used my birthday moneys from my sweet momma and bought a few of the things off of my pretend shopping spree. Elliott hates the thing, but I ADORE it. It's like a blanket that you can wear in public.

Since Elliott and I have been married we have purchased a number of "investments"... such as a commercial size freezer that I could seriously walk around in (we got a good deal, and it will be nice to store fruit and vegetables before the farmers market, or for canning or jam making), our grill, which I really wanted for us, and this huge food dehydrator. Elliott also tries to sneak his insano gun into the "investment" category, but I think it fits better as a "frivolous toy"... ha ha. Anywhoo, meet food dehydrator. Currently we are drying a costco load of bananas. This summer it will be like dried fruit heaven at the goodrich residence between apples and plums and pears and fruit leather.. mmmmm i am excited. I hope these bananas taste as yummy as they are making our house smell.


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  1. Next summer, I'm sure you'll be getting some fruit from your Grandma to dry. That's even better because it's fresh from the tree and free!