Thursday, October 31, 2013

what you won't expect when you're expecting part 1

1) To grow a two inch mini lion mane all along your hairline. I knew they said my hair might get thicker, but there was no mention of the awesomeness that becomes my hair in a pony tail when the mini mane that can't be pulled back gets a chance to shine. RAR!

2) To believe in pregnancy brain. What an excuse! Wait until you put 1/4 cup of sugar into your waffle batter instead of a table spoon, and sprinkle chili powder on your casserole instead of paprika in the same day. You will become a believer.

3) To be able to spend unlimited amounts of time with your hands on your belly in complete awe of this tiny person kicking back. You know, just this tiny person you made. Just the biggest miracle right there in your very tummy!

4) Your leg hair growth gets stunted. Compensation for the mini mane, possibly. This is actually very convenient because I am already starting to wonder how I will be able to bend over in a few weeks. Or put on shoes. Or get out of a vehicle without a lot of sputtering and dramatics.

5) To have that panic moment when you look beyond the cuddly new born stage and realize that your baby girl will someday become a teenager and has half of your genetics. I don't recommend dwelling on the topic. Focus on the newborn snuggles.

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