Tuesday, October 15, 2013

fake o chip

I had the 3rd graders vote two weeks ago on the sex of the baby. 21 kids voted in favor of a girl, and 9 thought baby would be a boy! I told them whatever the outcome I would bring them in cupcakes, blue for boy, pink for a girl.

I only had one box of rainbow chip cake mix. And I tried to stretch that one box meant for 24 cupcakes to 27. But I fundamentally don't believe in cupcakes that don't rise above their lil liner! So I improvised. I dumped sprinkles into a yellow cake mix so that the third graders wouldn't do the whole, " But HE got rainbow chip!!" ordeal. So all the cupcakes appeared as though they were rainbow chip. Fake o chip.

I whipped together buttercream frosting and tinted it baby pink. It was delicious. 

I came in this morning and set a cupcake on each desk, and put a powerpoint up on the starboard that said, "IT'S A GIRL!" with a little ultrasound picture. The kids ran in all excited yelling " I knew it, I knew it!" There was much rejoicing. And then it came to the eating of the cupcakes. Most children ate them without question. There were a few however, who were confused about "what was on top". These were no safeway cupcakes. I told them " KID THAT IS REAL FROSTING! It's not straight crisco! It's fantastic! You eat that or I will!" Man. Kiddos not appreciating homemade butter cream. What in the world.

I gave the kids their math test today. They all bombed it. It was horrible. Here was a highlight. " I know that 57 and 18 = 75 and I think it means about math that's what I think it means. " The correct answer sprang from that logic.That is 3rd grade.  I think the problem lies within the fact that I didn't go over every single question and tell them exactly what to do. If there are more than 5 words it may as well be Japanese to these kiddos.

I watched my geese pick on my Melly dog today and I was filled with protective rage. Mel was such a good dog, and just stood there with her tail between her legs as they gathered around and honked at her because she knows it would be a bad thing to kill a goose pet. So I did the heroic and ran out and chased them away. I'm on your side Melly dog.


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