Monday, May 12, 2014

garden babies

A momma bird decided to make a home for her littles in our blueberry patch! It's a killdeer nest. Little ground birds.The babies are the cutest little things- just these poof balls with long toothpick legs. If it were more of a  rational thing to campout and fight off any egg predators I completely would. The mom is pretty impressive though, if you get close, she runs away from the nest and pretends to be hurt- so you would in theory eat the mom and not the eggs. That is love. Unfortunately I do not speak ground bird and can't tell the mom that I am just weeding my blueberries and have her back with nest protection. I hope these wee ones make it!

The garden is in full swing! The berries are blooming and the vegetables we started in the house are taking off. I look forward to garden grocery shopping- wheelbarrow instead of shopping cart... cucumber tomato salad with feta...presence salad with juicy fresh tomatoes and basil leaves...I told husband I would pummel him if he ate the first ripe strawberry again this year.  I put Elsie in the baby carrier and we go out and weed when we can and help Hubs in his garden masterplan vision. The man doesn't do anything halfway. Which is attractive. I feel very blessed to have a husband who helps with the garden. And by helps I mean does most of it. What a champ. 


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