Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2 months and things

Elsie Lou is 2 months old!! 

Sometimes I see so much of my face in hers. Like the top shot- definitely my little.

She had her checkup today. Little is 12 pounds 6 oz and 23.5 inches long. My big bubs. 

Because... she has been eating like a champion. On the topic of food, she is becoming a Goodrich in 2 very pronounced ways. For one, Elsie doesn't eat every 1 hr 50 minutes, or 2 hours and 5 minutes, is is every two hours on the hour. It does not matter how deep of a sleep she is in, those big eyes will open and stare at you, and you had better feed that little girl or she will get mad! Plus the gal needs everything to be PERFECT to sleep. She needs to be swaddled and the perfect temperature and the whole bit. She has just been sleeping in a diaper and her swaddle blanket lately, she gets too hot in her pajamas these days. It has been in the 80's around here!

Besides her Goodrichisms, Els is just a big  sweetheart. Lots of smiles, lots of talking, and she likes to move move move.  She is getting pretty advanced at tummy time and can keep her head up and look at me while I show her her toys and have them give her kisses while she keeps her head up. She likes that.  My favorite thing she does lately is when I get ready to feed her, she pulls away and looks up and me and smiles and talks like we are having a real conversation and she is just so very  happy about the whole deal.  She is starting to love her carseat and loves to look out the window when we are out and about. She is getting so observant of the world and loves to study new faces. When I read her stories she is looking at the pages and pictures. 

I don't know who her shots were harder for today, me or her. She looked up at me and cried real tears, and I held mine back. I hate to see my baby sad! I had her arms swaddled and fed her right after and she calmed right down, but wanted to be held close the rest of today. Which was fine with me. I love to cuddle my girl! She vomited all over her clothes when the nurse gave her tylenol. She got to ride home in just her diaper like a ghetto baby because I didn't have a spare change of clothes for her. She loved it! We got some smiles even though her poor little legs were sore from the vaccinations. 

As sad as I am that she is growing so fast, each new stage is so fun!! 

And on an unrelated note, I made this roast chicken and these cookies today while Els snuggled me in her K'tan carrier.

I am trying to improve my foodtography for goodrichfamilyeats.. (just changed the name to match the blog, thefarmwifepost) on instagram. 

 And  photography in general. What is the point of having a hardcore camera if you have no idea what all the buttons are for ( insert sobbing emoji face). 

My inspiration for the chicken recipe was found here... I didn't have precisely what she has ( who does...ever?) so I stuffed my chicken with lemons and shallots, dumped melted butter on it and seasoned it with garlic salt and pepper within an inch of it's life, and then sprinkled it with lemon juice for good measure. I don't have a proper roasting pan, so it cooked on a bed of carrots. Who needs a proper roasting pan when you have carrot beds? Also I cooked mine at 250 for 3 hrs while I went about and did other things.  It was delicious. 

Cookie recipe found here

Els is sleeping like a champ, and I am off to join her.

xo, farmwife

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  1. That chicken looks delish. And Elsie is a doll.