Friday, May 2, 2014

New Momma Musts

Here are some things that really made the transition to mommyhood easier for me.

1) Big Cup. Oh my big cup. I have so much love in my heart for it. I got it at the hospital, and it seriously has not left my side since. Right after Elsie was born and I started nursing, there was not enough water on the earth to sustain me. I drank one of those FILLED to the full 32 oz line every single time she ate! They would have kicked me out of california drinking water like that #droughtprobs. But, my milk came in the next day. Coincidence? Probably not. My body knew what it was doing.  The thirst continues and I still carry it around everywhere. Now I have tapered down to 120 ish oz a day, more when I run. You NEED to drink tons of water when you are nursing. DOOO ITTT.

2) Multiple Nursing Bras. Being a new mom is a damp experience. If you had a vaginal birth you left the hospital in a diaper. You are changing a baby, and changing yourself for a while. . Your baby is spitting up on you. You might get peed on. You will be damp. That is why you should make at least one thing easier ( and drier) for yourself and have a slew of nursing bras for when things get crazy. My favorite  here. It's purple and pretty. And inexpensive.

3)  Visitors. Visitors are a double edged sword. On one end, they bring you dinner and even fold your laundry. Yes, I cried happy tears when a ward member folded my laundry pile with me. My love language is housework, and that pile had been growing for a few days (farmer+baby+postpartum mom= TONS OF LAUNDRY). One of my good friends stopped by and showed me a different and really helpful way to burp my little. Those are treasured visitors. On the other hand they on occasion show up unannounced , ring your doorbell while your newborn is sleeping, or stay for extended periods of time to chat when realllyyyy you just want to sleep and bring in all kinds of germs from who knows where. I had one visitor who seriously banged on my door while I was nursing and couldn't get it right away, and when I did not, went around to the back door and banged on that. Because that is really polite and considerate and stuff. Anyway, I said to H with you, door banger, and didn't bother. So. Moral of the story. Be a good new momma visitor, bring food or clean or don't stay very long. And for the new mommas- your door has a lock. Use it. You do not have to get the door, you are a recovering human being, not a feature at a zoo.

4) A place for everything. Being naturally disorganized, a place for everything is a must for me. I bought a changing pad that sits atop a short dresser, with all the changing paraphernalia in a drawer directly under it. Burp cloth and boppy ( which I never really use now) are on the rocking chair, making a nursing station.  Her play mat with the toys folds up and gets stashed behind the couch. If I didn't do this, there would be diapers and burp rags everywhere. With a newborn, a feeding leads to a changing  leads to where is that swaddle blanket,and the mess kind of snowballs.

5) Nose Frida.  Elsie Lou has the cleanest nasal passages in the land and she doesn't even mind when I suck them out with the cool little bugger. Once you get over the gag factor of feeling like you are going to suck up boogies, your life will be changed. Love that booger bugger. Find here.

6) A rock and play. I was really adamant that we have the crib and everything set up just so before baby girl's arrival. Which is great and I am glad, BUT, she does not sleep in her crib. It's too vast and uncozy for such a tiny being. The rock and play sits your baby upright, which is great especially if you get a spitty one, and snuggles them closer so they can feel secure and sleep through the night ish. Plus you can pull it right up next to your bed to pop the binky back in late at night without a fuss, or drag it around your house for daytime napping. Or shove it in your car for a lil trippy. You know? Portable. Convenient. I don't know why it's called a rock and play. It should be called Sleep at Night Maybe or Rock to Sleep Hopefully. Because she sleeps like a rock in it. You know, once you get her to sleep.

7) That other idea that I had and really wanted to talk about but I can't remember because Elsie wanted to stay awake untill 2 am and then

8) I REMEMBERED! Routine. You need routine. Baby needs routine. Routine > Chaos. Have a bedtime routine for baby. Have a wake up routine for baby. Read a story, change into jammies, rock, sing, whatever. Just have it be dependable and consistent. I feel better about the day if I wake up with Elsie Lou's first morning feeding. Bright and early at 6 am. Regardless of how tired, if I fall back asleep with her I wake up feeling like the bus has left without me or I have gone to class without my homework. The day just gets away from me. If I wake up early and deal with the tired, I can take a nap in the afternoon with satisfaction that at least something got done.

9) And lastly a bazillion burp rags, zip up jammies or those night gowns that make for easy changing, those car seat strap covers that give them somewhere to rest their head while out and about in the car, and aiden and anais swaddle blankets (i.e. the most well meaning baby straightjacket ever).


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