Saturday, May 31, 2014

post baby bod and fitness ramblings

I have always loved working out. I just do. I did track and cross country all through high school and thrive on endorphins and the feeling of accomplishment after doing a tough workout.  I am putting together a pinterest board of my favorite free workout videos that are REALLY doing the job. I mean, I have my abs back and Els is not yet 3 months old.

While you body may be different after baby, like hello I went up two cup sizes different, it can be just as good, if not more fit than before! I am kind of loving looking womanly.

I am still 5 ish pounds away from where I was before I got pregnant. I want to punch people in the face most when they are all about the scale and weight. MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT PEOPLE!! So those 5 pounds that I am hanging onto look a lot different this month than they did last month. While you might be gaining weight if you look at the scale, you are loosing inches and toning up. The scale is no indicator of fitness. Better indicators are your energy level, loss of inches, and the way your clothes are fitting. Plus, you aren't going to loose weight without muscle. Muscle is how you burn the fat. I love running with a passion, but I could run for miles and miles and it would not touch the effectiveness of a 20 minute session with 5 pound weights as far as toning up.

I swear forever and ever on pilates for a flat stomach. I love different types of squats with weights to round out your booty. Notice I did not say get rid of, I mean ROUND. I mean tone and lift that puppy so it looks good in your jeans.

I really like to mix things up and do different things to keep it interesting. When you are a mom, by the time you packed your gym bag, get dressed, get your kids dressed, drive to the gym, got them set up at the daycare, do your workout, get the kids back in the car, go home shower... that is an ENTIRE MORNING.  I just roll out of bed and workout in my pajamas in the basement. Our tv has youtube so it makes it super convenient, but you could easily pull up your laptop wherever.  Plus. This costs nothing.

So the moral of the story is I will be pinning workout vids with my reviews HERE, if you ever are curious and want to try them out.

plus. this.

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