Sunday, June 1, 2014

boob drama

I spent most of my day stressing over some serious boob drama. My little baby would not eat. She was very reluctant to eat all morning.. And then, she went from 1 pm for what seemed LIKE FOREVER for a concerned momma , and refused to be fed flat out.  And she wouldn't just not eat, she would scream and cry and cry. But other than that, was happy as a clam, smiling at people at dinner parties and whatnot. I was super stressing. Was my breastmilk crap? Was she sick? And it's super awkward in the mothers room at church. Yep. Here I am, my baby, just you know flipping a lid because her mom is trying to feed her. Just hates my boobs, that's all. I was having to pump all day because my milk is actually not crap it's actually prolific- like I could provide for an entire preschool. And finally I got home and was near tears because my baby was in super tears , when I resorted to gas drops ( I use the stuff sparingly ). Anywhoo I gave her the mystery ingredient gas drops, and did  her tummy massage and she started tooting like crazy!! The girl went to toot town and back.  And all of the sudden little toot bottom had room for food (7 hours later) ! She ate and ate and went to sleep, woke up, and ate some more. I don't care if that baby gets up to eat every hour all night I am just so happy she is happy!

Also can we talk about ants for a minute? Those super tiny vermin? The only thing left of this house from before the remodel is the brick on the outside, and these intruders are still finding a way in!! I will find one creeping in the middle of the living room, and then crawl around the perimeter like sherlock ant killer holmes till I find their tricky entrance and put ant death traps all around it. They are the "ant hotels" where they can come and play and take all the poison trick food they want back to their colony. And then. It kills them. All. Entire colony. Obliterated. And that is how it is done. And I don't know why I felt the need to share but there you have it. Fighting a battle over here people. Over & out.


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