Tuesday, May 6, 2014

the conundrum

Elsie Lou is no longer my tiny smooshy newborn. Still smooshy but more of a little  infant with a lot of personality! Her big blue eyes slay me. Her daddy's eyes. His eyes still get me, too. Seeing  your husband in a fatherly light could make hearts burst all around. There is a lot of love when a family goes from 2 to 3. I thought I loved my husband when he was just mine. Now I share him with Elsie Lou, and seeing them together makes me so incredibly happy. We are a team, the three of us. It's like somebody was missing, and now she is here and our family feels a little more complete ( obvs we will keep some space open at the dinner table for some siblings for little E down the road).

Last night I left a bottle with Elsie's grandma and headed off to the birthday party of a good friend. Little E didn't take the bottle, and I had to come home early after getting a text from hubby that read "your baby needs you".  I have never left a party so fast! And that is the thing about motherhood. I was almost glad she wouldn't take the bottle. Because on one hand I would like more than two hours foot loose and fancy free, and on the other hand I don't want that AT ALL! Quite the conundrum. My little baby needs me. And I love that. But because this is real life, and she may need a baby sitter someday, I will work with her on taking a pumped bottle, even if it makes me a little sad.

I feel like for the first few weeks of motherhood I must have been on some new momma high, fueled by adrenaline and some misconstrued supermom ideal ( it wasn't due to an overwhelm of sleep I can tell you that). Don't worry, we have slowed down. E  is on a growth spurt and has been eating every two hours and frankly I am just pooped. Days have been slower. Cuddles substantially longer. Baby has developed an affinity for falling asleep in her momma's arms, whereas when she was new I could just lay her down when she got tired. I am trying to nail down our routine and just make sure at least Els is dressed and ready for the day ; ), when I get there it's a plus.

Just doing our best over here and loving this spring weather.

If you want to work your booty at home I have discovered a slew of youtube workouts for when you get tired of the videos you have. Check this out, and others by BeFit. Peed my pants during it if that is any testimony to it's intensity. And my need for some special post birth exercises #tmituesday #notathing #neitherarehashtagsinblogs

If you want the perfect mom pants look here... I have these pants in a different print ( from the rack and for half the price), and they are the BEST stay at home mom pants. Put em with a graphic tee for days at home with baby or a pretty blouse and heels for a date with your lover!

If you want to be entertained watch this nun belt it out with her sweet moves here. It will make you smile.


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