Tuesday, May 13, 2014

before and after: getting the bod back

I just look at this and think.... being a woman is magical! On the left, you have me at 39 weeks pregnant. I delivered at 40 weeks 5 days. I wasn't a small preggers. Buttt, I still felt good about myself (most days, lets be real here). Carrying the baby made me feel beautiful. Not how the world sees beautiful, but it helped me appreciate my body in a whole new way. Not in terms of what it looked like, but what it could do. Looking at that picture makes me pretty sentimental.  I can't believe my Elsie Lou was in there, waiting to make me a momma, and I couldn't fathom how happy my little one could make me.  Baby girl is such a little sunshine of a person. On the right, is me today! Right after a tough workout. I may never be the 115 pound high schooler I once was, but I am doing by best to have healthy habits so I can run around and chase my kiddos and run races and do the things that I love.  I think the moral of this story is that you need to appreciate your body at every size and at every stage, and punch every high school girl who ever thinks she is fat. Kidding. If I could go back to my 17 year old self, I would put my hands on her shoulders and look her square in the face and say... " Quit beating yourself up, friend, you are lovely just the way that you are, and 6 years from now you will be married and have a beautiful baby girl who makes you so happy your heart could explode, and THAT is what matters."

The End.

Just kidding. Here are my tips for feeling great after baby:

1) Put your jeans back on as soon as you can! You body is filled with relaxin, and the same chemical that helped them stretch out can help smoosh em back together ( or something). Even though you would really like to just live in sweatpants for a year.
2) Drink tons of water! Your body wants to sweat off all the water weight. I basically woke up in a puddle the first month from it all. Serious.
3) Ease slowly into your regular routine. Don't push it too hard too soon.Go for a walk and get some sunshine. Lots of sources recommend not even worrying about working out till the 6 week mark.
4) Don't cut calories!! You are nursing. You need them.  Just eat a well balanced diet. Don't torture yourself. Have a piece of cake. Life is meant to be enjoyed!
5) Have a hobby that keeps you active. I like to work out in the garden with baby in a carrier. It gives us an excuse to work outside and keep us moving.

xo, farmwife


  1. Kayla I have been loving your post!! Even though I am not even pregnant yet haha. This is great advice though and it will be something nice to refer to!!
    P.s. is it okay that I pin these posts? I have had lots of people re-pin them. I hope that is okay?
    Keep them coming! I love reading them. I also love how sweet and simple you keep them I hate trying to read supper long posts, so keep it up haha.

    1. Thank you so much!! Of course. Pin away! Good to hear from you!