Saturday, April 26, 2014

how we doin'

Els is almost 7 weeks old, which means I am not so new at this anymore! Although it's not an official milestone, I feel that the little one needs an update as she is growing so fast.

Els LOVES to lay on her playmat and look up at her toys- with her legs kicking one hundred miles an hour!! She loooves to kick. Her arms join the party too, and after 5 minutes it makes for a very tired baby. Sometimes she is calm and could just stare up at the lights as long as I let her. She is a content little bug.

She likes to be in her k'tan carrier when I do work around the house and weed the garden. It's so cozy for her in there, and I like to be able to get things done and "hold" her at the same time.

E is still a great sleeper, that is until I want to go to bed. She does get a little angry before bedtime, and falls asleep best with a lamp on so she can stare right at my face as she drifts off. I only really swaddle her at night so she knows it's time for a long stretch of sleep, or if she gets fussy during the day and can't fall asleep on her own.

She loves baths!! With her poo diapers most times I just rinse her off, it's just faster and less abrasive with the wipes. I don't even have to undress her all the way, I can just tuck the jammy legs up into the back and clean her up all quick like. She is kind of a perfect fit for the smaller bathroom sink right now.

She hates tummy time but is getting better at it! She can prop herself up enough to look at me for a minute or two before she gives up or cries for me to rescue her from such torture.

The girl has almost outgrown size 1 diapers and eats like a little piggy champion.

Els loves to talk! She is started to make all kind of different noises when she yells. I would like to think she will be an early talker with a complex vocabulary. Which is why we listen to NPR together. Also so I don't feel completely disconnected from the world and am able to still hold intelligent conversation with my husband.

As a momma I think the hardest thing is outings. It's a little nervewracking to figure out where and when to nurse in public settings....We are working on her taking a pumped bottle but she isn't quite sure what to do with it. Plus with the carseat, if the bink falls out when you are driving and she gets upset you have to wait until a stop light to lunge back like superwoman and pop it back in. It's hard not to be able to help her right away! I was so nervous the first time I took her out by myself and even googled how to put the carseat in the shopping cart... ( I just set it in the main compartment as I am to mortified it tipping over). I just try to run errands between feedings when she is most likely to fall asleep. She isn't a huge carseat fan but if she is sleepy enough it goes just fine.

I love it when  she sees me and smiles! And when she snuggles into my shoulder and goes to sleep. I even love her spit up breath. And if someone made a car freshener called Elsie Lou Spit up I would freaking purchase it. And everyone would gag and leap out of my moving vehicle because they are not her momma.

She's a spitty one

I am in love with being Elsie Lou's momma : ) 

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