Tuesday, April 22, 2014

easter and such

Well. I decided to host easter.Instead of deciding whether to spend it with Husband's family or mine, I decided both families are small enough to smoosh into one dinner event.  I always have these big ideas about hosting dinner parties and whatnot and then I realize that Elliott and I are pretty much hermits and anti social level 5. It turned out really lovely. I had 11 guests, and I even stayed up until one ironing cloth napkins into little rabbits. Completely worth it. I was really surprised at how fun and nice it turned out!!

I made Southern Living's " Best Carrot Cake"... The title says it all. It was seriously THE BEST carrot cake and moist and gorgeous and mmmm....Els loved watching all the new faces eat their Easter meal and was adored by all.

off to bed!

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